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Listen to ‘Man On Fire’ by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

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Two years removed from their spotlight-demanding debut LP Up From Below, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros have released a new single, Man On Fire, which will be a part of their forthcoming second studio album.

The tune, a folksy ditty that calls to mind Cat Stevens (or Yusuf Islam, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing), Man On Fire is the opening track from what will apparently be the first of two LPs released this year. Hear it below (courtesy of KCRW, who premiered the song on the radio):

In a press release, as shared by Consequence Of Sound, vocalist Alex Ebert explains the need for not one, but two new Ed Sharpe releases:

“In the middle of the recording process we realized we were essentially making a double album. Being four years since our last album, the writing explored a wide variety of subject and sound, as it turned out we had a lot to say… Instead of putting it out all at once, we found that two different albums seemed to be forming. Alone these albums are albums. Together these albums express a varying and so relatively living portrait of our lives.”

Here will be released on May 29th by Community Music/Vagrant.

1. Man On Fire
2. That’s What’s Up
3. I Don’t Wanna Pray
4. Mayla
5. Dear Believer
6. Child
7. One Love To Another
8. Fiya Wata
9. All Wash Out


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  1. Mr. Mustard says:

    Hippies. I’ll buy ‘em, though.

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