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Listen To Marilyn Manson’s Promising ‘No Reflection’

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Marilyn Manson has returned, and this is a promising taste of what’s to come.

Check out a radio rip of No Reflection, off Manson’s upcoming Born Villain album, below:

You don’t… even… want to know what I’m gonna do to you…” – kind of makes you want to fuck someone.

The track will be released as a digital single through Cooking Vinyl on March 20th. Keep tabs on this one at Manson’s official site.

Sexy love to Fernando for the find.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. M says:

    One of the better jams since Golden Age of Grotesque imo.

  2. DjFury says:

    Not bad but I find so much of his stuff just has no lasting power. Good when you first hear it but boring after multiple listens.

  3. XMONG says:

    only digital?

  4. XMONG says:

    not just only digital, i hope

  5. b says:

    It’s not good. No memorable guitar riffs or leads, intro vocals that sound like David Draiman has the hiccups, par for the course lyrics, a chorus that isn’t nearly memorable enough, and almost no dynamic change in the tempo or pulse throughout the entire song.

  6. Teena Byrd says:

    Album due out May 1st! Did you ever think that maybe “No Reflection” is a continuation and update on “The Reflecting God” as opposed to a vampire reference? When you’re the Antichrist Superstar and you’re innate nature is to practice as the snake: ‘Why do you think God doesn’t want you to eat from that tree? It’s because he doesn’t want you to have power. He knows that if you eat from that tree, your eyes will be: open; and you will be as the gods, knowing good from evl.’ [i.e.: the power to make a choice, to influence, to magic(k)] With an entire new facebook generation who’s only re-action and response is to log-online and immediately attack, accruing bonus points for the suicides they hope to inspire (albeit subconsciously – ‘forgive the little children, for they know not what they do’), it’s kind of hard to say anything to them. They’re not awake: they’re the biggest zombie generation ever. What is their hope and future? The best possible when you go to work, play on the computer, secluded and private in your little cubicle, conversation and interaction so deeply punished…now go home and do the same thing….Where’s your recess? What power do you have? In this philosophy: “There is no you; there is only me. [The me].”

  7. zoopster says:

    Verrry cool. I’m glad he got Twiggy back.

  8. chris says:

    Not so sure about this one… But I’m holding out hope for the album to be a bit of a curveball.

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