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Stream Gene Ween’s Solo Debut ‘Marvelous Clouds’

Aaron Freeman, Music


For twenty plus years, Gene Ween has been the front man for underground darlings Ween. On May 8th, Papa Gene will release his first solo record (under his birth name Aaron Freeman) entitled Marvelous Clouds. The album will feature thirteen tracks all originally written by American poet Rod McKuen. For those unfamiliar with McKuen, his words have been recorded by everyone from Perry Como to Madonna. You can check out Gener’s take on McKuen’s work for yourself down below.

When you are done listening, feel free to call/text Aaron and let him know your thoughts on Marvelous Clouds. You can reach him at (609) 542-0751.


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  1. PHATJ says:

    I am a HUGE Ween fan, I have been since day one. I can’t wait to give this a listen. I am glad Geener is recording some mellow stuff on his own and I can’t wait for a new Ween record. Hopefully it will be a return to form for them.

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