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Watch The Black Keys and Johnny Depp at the MTV Movie Awards

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At this year’s MTV Movie Awards, something relevant and pretty cool actually happened. Receiving MTV’s Generation award (“for his exceptional contributions to the film industry and for entertaining generations of the MTV audience throughout his illustrious career”), actor and rockstar buddy Johnny Depp performed a couple of songs with The Black Keys.

After an introduction speech by an increasingly scary-looking Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, the group, backed by their keyboardist and bass player, was joined by Depp in performing their latest single Gold On The Ceiling. Surprisingly enough, Depp’s guitar was clearly audible on the mix, and he could even be heard doing a little improvisation. Watch the performance below:

After a short speech – in which he called The Black Keys “up-and-coming legends” -, the band also performed Lonely Boy with Depp, before MTV cut to commercials.


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  1. Zac Gelfand says:

    Well that was awesome

  2. schwarbj says:

    Johnny Depp always looks like such a tool when he plays guitar

    • guitar girl says:

      Most definitely Depp has severely limited chops on electric guitar.
      He is acting the part of the rock n’ roll guitarist, but in actuality he is NOT a rock n’ roll guitarist. His guitar is slung too low on his hips to be able to shred with the best of them. He has adopted the look but not the chops.
      He spends more time dressing for the part then he does practicing his instrument.
      He stumbled, faltered, swished his hair out of his eyes, trying to keep up with Aerosmith’s great guitarist, Joe Perry. Depp attempts to hang in there by playing the same simple chord progressions over and over again with the flat pick style of an amateur.

  3. Skwerl says:

    depp looks like a kid with mediocre skills getting to perform onstage with a great band in front of tons of people because he’s already famous. it’s a little weird.

  4. Reverend Justito says:

    $5 says P reunites for Coachella 2013.

  5. Al(ex) says:

    On the other hand, one could argue that Depp is about as talented as that puddle of spooge that plays drums for the Keys. The Black Keys is Dan, the retarded boy on drums just helps for tax benefits…Johnny Depp never looks comfortable anywhere. Probably due to MK Ultra.

    • kyle says:

      funny you should say that, because the way patrick drums totally sets the keys apart from other bands. just listen to tighten up. get some other dude to do the drums and it’ll sound completely different.

      • Al(ex) says:

        Perhaps in the same way that Meg brought it for White Stripes. To a degree, I can see your point in that sometimes limited players can make something very cool, but by and large, having a low musical performance ceiling is a bad thing. In many of the Keys live performances that I’ve checked out, it doesn’t seem like he’s driving the groove, but sort of hanging on for dear life.

  6. I wonder how the are Black Keys getting this big. You see, I like their songs, and I do think the band has a cool musical identity together, but… they don’t Sound big. I don’t know, I just think something is off.

    • midnightmarauder says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Depp calling them up and coming legends and the new tribute album that has iggy pop and ginger baker on it makes it seem like everybody’s pushing hard for them to be the saviors of rock and roll. That’s not too bad, I guess. They are better than most of the shit out there, but it feels weird that they’re being put in that box. They write simple, catchy 3 minute pop-rock songs that are solely based out of traditional soul and blues. In my eyes, every other generation’s best rock bands were much more boundary pushing.

  7. Trina G. says:

    The only reason I went to the MTV Awards was to see fun. and the Black Keys. It was quite the pleasure to witness Steven Tyler and Joe Perry suffer one another in order to introduce Generation Johnny Depp. And it was good.

  8. Geralyn Gave says:

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