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Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Hulks Out at iHeartRadio, Heads to Rehab

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During Green Day’s slot at this year’s iHeartRadio festival, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong cut the band off in the middle of Basket Case to air out some problems he had with the day’s events.

Upon seeing a monitor alerting the band that they had only one minute left to perform, Armstrong’s rage switch flipped. Going into a tirade about not being “fucking Justin Bieber,” he then proceeded to smash his guitar into little pieces before walking off the stage.

The moment is pretty punk rock — it certainly doesn’t seem like it was planned out and he’s clearly very angry… never too old to flip the fuck out, right Billie?

Green Day’s new LP ¡Uno! comes out this week.

Update: Billie Joe is headed to rehab, and the band is canceling some of their upcoming promotional appearances.


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  1. Luc says:

    Guys, just a quick question. I’m surfing around your web and I can’t find the way to read just the reviews, the only way seems to be to filter out the rest of options, wich is unfriendly. Any tips?



    • Agreed. Sometimes I want to go back and read archived reviews and have to sift through this “filter” bullshit. It’s pretty frustrating. So now, I just hope I catch the shit I want to read on the day it’s posted otherwise I’m shit out of luck unless I want to spend 15 minutes searching for it.

    • Skwerl says:

      you can double-click or option-click a filter to hide everything else.

  2. Rory Biller says:

    I think they mean just a regular search. Like if you wanted to go back and check out and old Josh Homme interview or an older review. You can still do it if you are savvy but I think the search became less user friendly. #constructivecritisism

  3. Rory Biller says:

    Oh and Billie Joe is a silly bitch. If you don’t want to take it up the rear then stop taking these corporate promotional gigs.

  4. Joran says:

    I have to agree with a piece of what ‘Rory’ wrote. Once I saw the outburst I almost immediately thought of William Bailey from Guns n Roses. And, yes, dead-on about taking money-paying corporate gigs. He is really just looking like an ass in this video. We are told he did go to treatment, so I hope for his, his family’s, and his band’s sake that the treatment helps.

    Has anyone ever seen the photos that Ross Halfin took of Billy with his vintage Gibson guitar collection? Check out

    Maybe it is me. Maybe I am the problem. Maybe my viewpoint can’t describe the whole scenario at the iHeartRadio Festival. Maybe the stagehands were delayed by the previous band. Perhaps the dude that talked into Billy’s in-ears was a prick about it? Who knows? But Rory nailed it: Green Day, refrain from taking these corporate gigs.

    When did punk and its most public arbiters come to value collecting vintage Gibson guitars? It isn’t even a statement, for him to break his guitar on stage and stomp off. He didn’t accomplish anything toward a larger purpose. It didn’t prove or establish anything of value. I hope to fuck he wasn’t playing one of his coveted vintage Gibsons because that would be a total waste.

    Did he revolt against the constraints of a gig that he knew full well-would be dictated by a different set of standards for performance? Did he actually think it would be similar to a regular gig in the industrial areas of Oakland, CA on Gilmour Street?

    For some reason, I keep thinking that Frank Black from The Pixies has some of the most salient wisdom for big bands that seem to be losing focus: start over under a different band name (Green Day has done this with the HotTubs outfit), write new songs, and don’t play the old songs for years, work the new songs, fight for the chance to prove the value of the new material from the same members of the historic band (even if everyone is older and a little bit richer and more comfortable). Tour the new material, be the opening band, ride in a 15 person van, take turns driving, pull a simple trailer, set up and work the merch table, scrape by to maybe pay for a $56.00/night Motel 6 (on the rare night), sleep on others’ couches and floors the bulk of the tour. Then let’s see if punk is still the focus, if it is still the core value (whatever nebulous notions punk purports as conveyed by the current messages of Green Day). I am so grateful for Fugazi and its community that it has fostered and nurtured. Thank you, boys.


    …..back to Green Day.

    Play a corporate gig and your band becomes their bitch for that show. Rory identified this as succinctly as possible. I personally hope some figures come to light on how much they were going to get paid for playing a set at the festival.

  5. elle says:

    *Gilman St

    Know-it-all fail.

  6. Rob says:

    Hey, you can’t say curse words on the radio. Bad.

  7. Rob says:


  8. That was one of the least punk rock things I’ve ever seen. That dude doesn’t even say the word fuck without sounding like a little pussy. Green Day has always been bitch music anyway… that shit might as well be Justin Bieber. Listen to the Gorilla Biscuits self-titled if you want some really good punk from ’88.

  9. joe says:

    no need to comment. justin dettle said it all. there is NOTHING “pretty punk rock” about a clear channel concert OR green day.

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