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Hype Check: Kanye West’s ‘Black American Psycho’ Probably Not Real

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Sure, that batch of weird mediocrity that was G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer may have just hit stores, but there are rumors that Kanye West is keeping the dust off that throne by prepping a new solo album called Black American Psycho, and releasing it in just a few weeks.

A website reportedly owned by Def Jam (according to PrefixMag) has appeared with an image reading “Kanye West Presents / Black American Psycho / 10.23.2012.”

At publish time, the site is actually now sporting the following image:

So who fucking knows. We’ll see what this is all about soon enough… but we’re voting for a Kanye/Kardashian sextape. The whole family included. Even that hulky testosterone moose chick.

9/20 Update: Despite the fact that Kanye had made it clear that American Psycho was an inspiration, the rumor is quickly falling apart. The website has been updated with the following message, that seems to definitively squash all the speculation:

This website is in no way affiliated with Def Jam Records or Kanye West. The Black American Psycho title and the 10.23.2012 release date are fictitious. I created the website a while ago as part of a school project. I apologise for misleading people, I did not expect the site to generate so much traffic and be taken seriously.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Steve Keyes says:

    Aren’t they all moosechicks?

  2. qotsaamkw says:

    Hopefully it isn’t dipped in crap like Cruel summer.

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