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Jack White Storms Offstage, Ends Radio City Show After 45 Min.

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At the first of Jack White‘s two sold-out shows at New York’s legendary Radio City Music Hall, the Blunderbuss architect stormed offstage after only about 45 minutes – causing many fans to take to the streets in protest.

Antiquiet had two contacts at the show, both of whom waited for over thirty minutes in the venue after the show ended, not wanting to believe that the show was over and that White was just taking a break to switch bands, as he often does. According to one of our contacts’ text messages, some fans held out hope for White’s return, to no avail: “Dude it’s been 40 minutes. Lights are on. Doors open. Other radio music playing. Security guards on stage. People leaving. If this is a test of who can last the wait he’s losing cuz everybody’s leaving… I’m staying but a LOT of people are leaving.”

As the enraged fans filed out of the venue, there were chants of “Fuck Jack White!” and outside the venue, a mob over 100-strong gathered outside the backstage entrance waiting for answers. Security then brought out barricades and started pushing people back, the “Fuck Jack White!” chants still echoing around the area. The rage of the crowd quickly escalated as a pizza delivery man arrived with several pizzas to bring backstage.

We aren’t entirely sure what exactly happened to provoke the early ending, but there are many rumors flying around:

1) A shirtless man in the front row that provoked Jack to a point of his removal by security

2) White was displeased with the crowd, asking “Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?

3) The most credible source, a member of the Radio City security team claimed that “He wasn’t happy with the sound… I don’t know why he pulled that.”

White is scheduled to play another show at Radio City Music Hall tonight. Hopefully the crowd is lively enough and the sound is good enough for him. And NPR, you stay the hell away.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Coz Baldwin says:

    Maybe he’s just trying to show Billie Joe how to do it right.

  2. Major Sgt. Wetnuts III says:

    Jacko went whacko huh? I’d say it was the fans.

  3. pupo says:

    this guy’s a douche of biblical proportions…

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