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Daily Headlines: Queens of The Tea Party, Nirvana The Musical, Mormon Rock Stars & More

Daily Headlines, Music


Oh hey everyone, Axl Rose is a totally nice and completely normal guy. [AQ]

P.O.S. needs a new kidney. Let’s help him out. [AQ]

Those silly Tea Party bitches are now covering Queens of The Stone Age. [YouTube]

Mariachi El Bronx on Yo Gabba Gabba for a Halloween party. Super tits. [FB]

Here’s all the new Arcade Fire album news that’s fit to print. [CoS]

Mormons are fucking everywhere. They’ve infiltrated the music world. Here are 12 of your favorite Kolob-dwellers. [Spinner]

Nirvana the musical? Fuck you, Courtney Love. [Spinner]

Sami from Rock It Out! discusses what songs are better live than on record [CoS]

There is, however, an Amy Winehouse play in the works. Liza Minnelli will of course play the dead singer. [RollingStone]

Here’s all the places to avoid when Warped Tour kicks into gear next year. [AltPress]

Neil Young‘s new album is the shit. Have a listen. [AQ]

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown‘s kids are pushing their genitalia inside each other. And it’s totally legit. [MusicNews]

Justin Bieber and Lana Del Rey cover Foster the People together on Jay Leno [Pitchfork]

Win a whole shitload of vinyl including Massive Attack, Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem & more. [Crave]

Howard Stern interviews Mitt Romney. This is pretty fucking amazing. “I found it inappropriate. She called me out on some bullshit that I said. She caught me in a lie, and told the world I was lying.” [YouTube]

Ten kickass songs about monsters. [Crave]


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