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Hear Clips of New Soundgarden Songs, ‘Bones Of Birds’ and ‘By Crooked Steps’

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Via Spin comes a new Soundgarden video, talking about (and playing parts of) a new song called Bones Of Birds:

This follows a clip we missed from last week, giving the same treatment to By Crooked Steps:

And we’ve heard all of Been Away Too Long, but there’s commentary for that song as well:

Bones Of Birds is a dark song, sounding a bit like haunting dirge-rock in the clips, which Chris says was inspired by being a father, having children, and being worried about them “learning about the real world,” experiencing loss, and losing their innocence. By Crooked Steps is a more straightforward rock jam, that Matt says has that “classic Soundgarden vibe.”

The semi-agonizing wait for King Animal ends on November 13th. None of these teases have managed to blow us away just yet, but these are the same guys that recorded Badmotorfinger last we checked.


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  1. Rob says:

    Both sound very good. Man, am I stoked.

    Bones of Birds video, specifically starting at the 40 second mark, I was thinking the same thought last week when thinking about my 3 year old…..hearing him repeat my thought gave me chills.

  2. Dave Foreman says:

    “None of these teases have managed to blow us away just yet, but these are the same guys that recorded Badmotorfinger last we checked.”

    This last part really bothered me. If we’re all expecting badmotofinger, we’re all gonna be sorely disappointed. This isn’t going to be that record. This is soundgarden way after the fact of all that old stuff, and after the fact of a lot of other stuff. We all need to keep that in mind. Its the guys, but in different times with a new and different record.

    • The modern limitations of reading comprehension will never cease to amaze me. He was referencing the fact that these guys made incredible music together. Nobody’s expecting another Badmotorfinger. But the caliber of quality represented on that record is attainable by the formula put forth by these guys being in a room playing music. That’s something to get excited about, despite the fact that nothing we’ve heard from the new record is particularly amazing just yet.

  3. Matt Black says:

    As a long time fan of this band, I am more than happy with what I’m hearing

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