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Dave Grohl Returns to Queens Of The Stone Age

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Queens Of The Stone Age have a new drummer. It’s sort of their old drummer. You might recognize him.

His name is Dave Grohl.

Moments before Queens Of The Stone Age frontman/nucleus Joshua Homme broke the news to Zane Lowe on BBC’s Radio 1 today that longtime drummer Joey Castillo had left the band, the official QOTSA Facebook account posted a portion of the following photo:

Antiquiet has since gotten confirmation that Grohl is handling drum duties on the new Queens record, which is due in early 2013. In addition to teaming with Homme for the incredible Them Crooked Vultures project, fans will remember that Grohl played on Queens’ most successful and what’s widely considered their best album, 2002’s Songs For The Deaf.

Here’s a taste of what we’ve been missing:

With the Foo Fighters on hiatus, there’s no stopping Grohl from returning as a full fledged member of the band as Queens kicks into touring mode to support their yet-untitled new release. Developments indicate that Grohl may only be temporarily filling the position, but we’ll take what we can get.

Joey Castillo is a beloved member of the QOTSA family, and while info is still scant on his departure, we enthusiastically wish him well.

Dave Grohl has never been shy about his love for Queens: “Queens Of The Stone Age are the best band I have ever been in – without question,” he said in 2005. “I usually get nervous when I go on stage, but when I was in QOTSA I never got nervous, because I knew the people in the crowd were about to witness the best thing they had ever seen live. I felt like that every single night I played with them. It’s like the best lover you’ve ever had in your life – you don’t have to talk about it, you just do it.”

Welcome back.

More details as they develop…

P.S. In case you missed it, while you’re here, fans of the QOTSA family might be interested in the news that Brody Dalle has a solo album on the way.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Matt Akana says:


  2. Lucas Russell says:

    Best news of 2012.

  3. Justin L says:

    Holy shit.. Tour would be ridiculous. Song for the Dead encores… Balls.

  4. Steve Keyes says:

    While this is fucking awesome. I’ll kind of miss Joey. That man was fun to watch beat up some drums. I suppose he’ll stay in EODM at least.

  5. Zac Gelfand says:


  6. AlJacksonJr says:

    Yes! Yes! Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ!

  7. AlJacksonJr says:

    P.S. Despite this i will really miss Joey!!!

  8. Trevor says:

    the election is over and grohl won! was there ever any doubt?

  9. It’s kinda bittersweet. I just wish I knew why. Grohl is good and everything but Castillo has been in Queens for about a decade. He’s a nice guy too.

  10. *sigh* I’m really torn here. Grohl is amazing, easily one of my musical idols, second to Josh Homme. I love SFTD, it was my first taste of QOTSA a decade ago. I was just in middle school.


    Lullabies to Paralyze is literally my all time favorite album. May not be your cup of tea, but it’s mine all the way. Joey has been the drummer almost every moment of those 10 years (counting touring). His drumming was perfect for that album. He took “Little Sister” to soaring heights compared to Grohl’s demo. It’s hard hearing he’s left. Idk, maybe I’m being over dramatic.

    Still, the album just got incredible, and I’ll kill for tickets to the next tour and finally see QOTSA. I’ve seen TCV in Charlotte, but they’re not Queens. Seeing Dave do SFTD material live would be amazing.

    Still, it’s sad to see Joey go. Moral of the story, never get attached to QOTSA members. It’s easy to forget this band lives off revolving door musicians.

    It’ll be a long, slow goodbye for me.

  11. Reverend Justito says:


  12. saul mcdonald says:

    Joey Castillo pounded the hell out of those hallowed skins in qotsa and I for one will be sad to see him go! My ear drums are still ringing from seeing qotsa ar bournemouth last year which I took my son to see, being his first gig he loved the show and now owns a drum kit because of seeing Joey! We wish him all the best for the future and Hope he may POP up again in the future! Cheers for the beats joey

  13. Lord WIlheim says:

    Grohl is a king on drums but i tip my hat to Joey, he’s been killing it in QOTSA for years and had an amazing punk rock energy. ONE LOVE FOR JOEY. The record will be fantastic.

  14. Mattylce says:

    I’m hoping he stays with them for the supporting tour, that would be fucking awesome, he’s my idol. I am going to miss Joey though, he was one monster drummer.

  15. Passenger says:


  16. Tim Slason says:

    Guys, guys. They are Queens of the Stone Age. They are going to change their lineup, and it will be awesome.

    I have been spreading this as a rumor for about a month now, because I really wanted it to be true, ever since I heard the Foos were on hiatus.

  17. Eric says:

    First 3 things I read this morning: Philly is getting snow, Colorado has legalized it, and DAVE-FUCKING-GROHL is back in QOTSA!!!!!!
    What a way to start a day!
    Oh, wasn’t there an election, or something also??? meh. Who cares- Dave’s back!!!!
    Hope all is well w/Joey. He’s a great drummer, and I wish him the best.

  18. Guvnor 77 says:

    Sorry to see you go Joey. i’ll be lookin out for you!!

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