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Fiona Apple Postpones South American Tour to Spend Time With Her Ill Dog

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Just a couple of days after releasing the great new song Dull Tool, Fiona Apple has come out with the unfortunate news that she had to cancel her upcoming tour in South America. The reason for doing so might be a bit unusual, and can come off as quite confusing, even unreasonable for several people. The shows were called off because Ms. Apple’s dog, Janet has a tumor, and wants to spend time with the animal during what could be its last days.

Fiona Apple posted a lengthy letter to her Facebook page earlier today explaining the situation. While it’s too long to actually quote entirely here, the following extracts sum up the singer’s situation:

“I have a dog Janet, and she’s been ill for almost two years now, as a tumor has been idling in her chest, growing ever so slowly. […] Janet has been the most consistent relationship of my adult life, and that is just a fact. […] I can’t come to South America. Not now. When I got back from the last leg of the US tour, there was a big, big difference. […] I just can’t leave her now, please understand. If I go away again, I’m afraid she’ll die and I won’t have the honor of singing her to sleep, of escorting her out. […] So I am staying home, and I am listening to her snore and wheeze, and reveling in the swampiest, most awful breath that ever emanated from an angel. And I am asking for your blessing.”

The singer’s letter will undoubtedly cause less than sympathetic reactions from fans who can’t relate to her present situation. However, regardless of being a “dog person” or not, and even for those who’ve never lost a pet, it’s hard to pass judgement on Ms. Apple in the current scenario. She’s released a tremendous record this year, then toured the hell out of it. If she’s allowing herself the luxury of spending time with her dog in what may be its final days, it’s likely because she can afford to, and the move will only impact less than half a dozen concerts. Furthermore, Fiona implied that the decision to stay home with her dog shouldn’t be seen as a full cancellation of her South American dates, by asking the fans to “change our plans and meet a little while later,” concluding the letter with “I’ll be seeing you.”

Head below to read her full, handwritten letter, or check out the transcription on Facebook here.


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