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The Black Keys (Or Their Fans) Release Video For ‘Sister’

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The Black Keys have had a pretty fantastic 2012, touring on the back of last year’s phenomenal El Camino. They even got into a massive fight over a fortune cookie with the RZA in The Baddest Man Alive.

A new video for Sister has dropped, indicating it might be joining the string of successful singles from El Camino. Directed by Jake Scott, the Sister video features a group of school girls cutting class, smoking and walking about London. There are rumors swirling that it’s just fan made, but it looks a little too professional for that. Regardless, check it out below:

Update: Looks like the video has been pulled from some sites via copyright claim… while also being posted on some official affiliates’ channels. We’re thinking… official? But prematurely leaked?


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Just some guy trying to make a name for himself with a fan video.

  2. Darren Mason says:

    I hope its fan made because its a terrible music video and kind of pervy.

  3. Hady Gómez says:

    it’s really well made!

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