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The Rolling Stones Are Joined By Florence Welch and Eric Clapton In London

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Four days after kicking off their 50th anniversary tour, The Rolling Stones played their second gig at London’s O2 to a sold-out crowd of financially capable attendees. Even though the setlist included some welcome variations in comparison to the first show, a major difference came via the guest musicians involved. While former band members Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman were present on both occasions, night one had Jeff Beck and Mary J. Blige, and night two had Eric Clapton and Florence Welch. Luckily, videos of the latter two have just surfaced, and they’re quite something.

First, watch below, as Ms. Welch joins the Stones on a fantastic rendition of the classic Gimme Shelter:

Later that night, Eric Clapton went onstage to solo the hell out of the Muddy Waters song Champagne & Reefer:

The Rolling Stones are now set to perform concerts in the US in December – which will surely come with their own share of special guests.


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  1. Holy mother, that was incredible!

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