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Want Mark Lanegan’s Christmas Album? Go See Him Live

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Sometimes, it can be borderline depressing to see an artist release a Christmas album, that usually lukewarm effort to cash in on the season. However, it’s hard to pass judgement on the latest of the kind we’ve heard about, as Mark Lanegan is putting out a Christmas EP, and you’ll have to get off your ass if you want to buy it.

Titled Dark Mark Does Christmas 2012, the CD seems to come with barely a paper sleeve to hold it, and can only be obtained at the merch booth after one of his concerts – where he’ll usually be signing products and taking pictures with fans as well. The tracklist for the EP is as follows:

1- The Cherry Tree Carol
2- Down In Yon Forest
3- O Holy Night
4- We Three Kings
5- Coventry Carol
6- Burn The Flames

Also at Lanegan’s merch booth will be quite a few live audio bootlegs, and a brand new DVD (which has already made its way onto eBay).

So, if you want to purchase any of this sure-to-become-a-rarity goodness, go ahead and catch Mark Lanegan on tour. In Europe.


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