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How to Destroy Angels’ ‘Ice Age’ Gets Deiced by The Soft Moon

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How to Destroy Angels’ beautiful but static Ice Age has been getting remixed by some great artists lately, including Deadmau5, who not so long ago offered a remix of the track that may in fact be better and less monotonous than the original.

This one’s even better.

Remixed by the Captured Tracks band, The Soft Moon, the track is now given an underlying melancholy that was non-existent in the original. This one builds and broods and changes shape throughout its five-minute duration. It is self-conscious and unsure of what it is, and that adds to the gorgeous song and Mariqueen Maandig’s arresting vocals. She gets swallowed whole by the distortion oftentimes, losing control, only to find her way back up again. There’s sense of urgency in the Soft Moon’s mix of the track that hardly felt tangible in the Omen EP original, and it’s refreshing too.


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