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Bad Brains Get Hardcore With New Hot Sauce

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Good news for fans of hardcore music and hot sauce. No longer are you stuck buying that God awful Gringo Bandito hot sauce from Dexter Holland of The Offspring (for real, he managed to make something that sucks harder than his music). That’s right, Bad Brains are getting into the hot sauce game.

That’s right, for just $8.99 a bottle you can pick up Bad Brains Fire Burn Babylon Hot Sauce. With artwork designed by Shepard Fairy, the DC legends describe the sauce as follows:

“BAD BRAINS hardcore hot sauce is a Punky Reggae party in every bottle, with a secret blend “Secret 77? Dr.Know and Darryl have combined the perfect combination of heat and sweet that will surely start a mosh pit in your mouth, we don’t call it “Hardcore for nothing”, so don’t be shy,give it try, it’s guaranteed to Rock for Light !!”

To pick up a bottle for yourself, head over to the official Bad Brains Website.


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  1. the grammar in that press release gave me a minor stroke. that’s right, you *don’t* call it “hardcore for nothing”.

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