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Coheed And Cambria Team With Conan to Debut ‘Dark Side Of Me’

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The first half of the latest Coheed and Cambria saga, The Afterman, blew our minds in the best way possible. Now we sit counting down the days before the highly anticipated second half rocks our socks off. Hell we are so excited for the release that we are willing to share with you an ad heavy lyrics video that Team Coco debuted earlier today.

The clip is for The Afterman: Descension power ballad Dark Side of Me. The song mixes lush acoustic instrumentation with the highly melodic prog metal tones that Coheed has perfected over the past decade. Check it out.

Coheed and Cambria will hit the road in a few weeks in support of both albums. They will be joined by Russian Circles and Between The Buried and Me. Click here to check out all the dates.


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  1. Jes Nuninya says:

    All sorts of fuck yes to this. More ASAP please.

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