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How To Destroy Angels Release Video For New Track ‘How Long’

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After yesterday’s announcement of a possible Nine Inch Nails tour later this year, we return to the world of Trent Reznor’s other project, How to Destroy Angels. With their debut LP Welcome Oblivion a little over a month away, the band released yet another video, this time for one track we hadn’t previously heard.

Check out a dystopian future in the Shynola-directed video for How Long? below:

In addition to the video, the band also officially released the artwork and confirmed the tracklist for Welcome Oblivion. As it turns out, the latter doesn’t differ much at all from the one that was leaked back in the October, adding a title-track and switching up the order a bit. There is a significant difference, however, in the tracklist for the vinyl release of the LP, which can also be found below, adding two songs: The Province of Fear and Unintended Consequences. Check out all the lower-case nonsense of both tracklists below:

Welcome Oblivion


1. The wake-up
2. Keep it together
3. And the sky began to scream
4. Welcome oblivion
5. Ice age
6. On the wing
7. Too late, all gone
8. How long?
9. Strings and attractors
10. We fade away
11. Recursive self-improvement
12. The loop closes
13. Hallowed ground


1. The wake-up
2. Keep it together
3. And the sky began to scream
4. Ice age
5. Welcome oblivion
6. On the wing
7. Too late, all gone
8. The province of fear
9. How long?
10. Strings and attractors
11. Recursive self-improvement
12.Unintended consequences
13. We fade away
14. The loop closes
15. Hallowed ground

Welcome Oblivion drops on March 5th, and can be pre-ordered here. How to Destroy Angels will make their live debut at this year’s Coachella festival.


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  1. Better than the other HTDA I’ve heard…but it’s okay. ONLY OKAY.

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