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Listen To Corey Taylor & Dave Grohl’s Sound City Track ‘From Can To Can’t’

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You’ve seen the tracklist. It’s a holy-shit-what-the-fuck jaw dropper collection of artists including Trent Reznor, Josh Homme, Paul McCartney, Corey Taylor and so many more. And now the music has started to emerge…

Listen below to the rising-sound rocker From Can To Can’t, a new track featuring Corey Taylor, Dave Grohl, Rick Nielsen and Scott Reeder which debuted on the BBC today. Now that is one hell of a lineup, and the music delivers accordingly:

[Update: High-quality version added]

The Sound City Players have announced a show in Hollywood to add to their Sundance debut, which will come right after the premiere of Dave Grohl’s Sound City documentary. Are we excited? You bet your sweet ass we are.

Fuck it, here’s some new rehearsal footage while we’re at it.

Fat, lubricated thanks to Bryce at 107.7 the End in Seattle for the track.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. kelly says:

    really diggin’ this! Has a gritty old school vibe

  2. Rory Biller says:

    I wanted this to be good, but then it wasn’t good.

  3. Skwerl says:

    i like it so fuck all y’all.

  4. Seth Birkes says:

    Sounds like a really bad rip off of She’s So Heavy.

  5. Atom says:

    This song has Robin Zander written all over it. Big swing and a miss there. Not a fan of Corey Taylor’s vocals. He sounds too much like all those generic nu metal radio singers. And the lyrics are pretty lame. Other than that, it’s great!

  6. Well, looks like the album has at least one blemish. It’s a shame, I was really interested in hearing how this worked.

  7. Passenger says:

    Woah, woah, woah! What the shit everybody?! I thought this was a GREAT track, superbly produced! It just makes you want to listen to it over again. Grohls (I think) harmonizing in the back, the slithering bassline at the End, also this motherfucker (Taylor) knows how to doubletrackhimself! So much fucking power, just I dunno guys… If THIS dosen’t impress I really don’t know what does.

    And yes, I second Seths motion that She’s So Heavy came almost instantly to the forefront, right from the start. Maybe my only gripe with the song. Still I think is just a Beatles homage.

    Downvote me all you like, this is pretty legit for a fucking JAM SESSION, you fucks.

  8. saul says:

    Yup, that track was terrible. Poor all round and boring to listen to. Looking forward to more behind the scenes bits n’ pieces though, and also the doc itself of course.

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