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Prince Unveils New Website & Lyric Video for Screwdriver

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Last night on our Twitter and Facebook, we linked you guys to a brand new Prince website, The site features a few Prince goodies, including a lyric video for his new song Screwdriver.


Equal parts lyric video and rehearsal footage, Screwdriver features Prince and his new all-female backing band. It’s a bit more unpolished than most of the work that Prince releases and even shares a bit of resemblance to some material from Prince’s mostly-forgotten 1996 LP, Chaos & Disorder. We’ve embedded the new song Screwdriver for you below, so check it out while you can.

In addition to that lyric video/rehearsal video, the new Prince website (which is quite a bitch to type out) features a teaser trailer for an upcoming film seemingly titled Prince at Montreux. Back in 2009, Prince played two ridiculous shows at the legendary jazz festival, and if this trailer is truly indicative of a new film/DVD coming out — this will be Prince’s first official DVD since 2003’s grossly over-edited Live at the Aladdin. Soundboard recordings of these Montreux shows are circulating, but if His Royal Majesty ends up releasing a new Blu-ray/DVD… well, fans definitely won’t want to sit that out.

Be sure to check back at for further developments in the Purple Kingdom. Seems like some big things might be coming around in 2013.


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