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Stream the New Tegan & Sara Album, ‘Heartthrob’

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By way of ex-Beck/NIN bassist and all-around cool guy Justin Meldal-Johnsen (who produced some of these tracks) comes word of this full stream of Tegan & Sara’s new album Heartthrob, over at RollingStone.

Here is the 60% of the album that we can stream, being someone who is not RollingStone:

General opinion on these Canadian artístes is a little mixed around here, especially when it comes to some of this new stuff. But if you ask me, these girls can write the shit out of some songs, and if they want to go ahead and record a super gay neon pink unabashed pop album, they deserve for it to be taken seriously.

Heartthrob is the band’s seventh studio album, set to hit shelves Tuesday. It follows Get Along, a great compilation of live performances, stripped-down, which in my opinion, is when the duo is at their best. I still listen to it regularly, and I recommend it if you haven’t checked it out.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Linda Cemack says:

    They deserve for it to be taken seriously… why?

    This is a cross to the most unserious genre imaginable. A cross to avant-jazz or metal would be equally horrible, yet more serious.

    I read a quote from Tegan, saying, essentially, that the “right” fans would stick with them. So I assume that the “right” fans equal teen girls with no taste or sophistication whatsoever.

    It will at least be interesting when the new mindless teenybopper fans mix with the punk/indie/lesbian old-timers at the shows, at least until the older guys get a clue and stop coming.

  2. Beavalicious says:

    Oh, Linda. Don’t ever rule out shutting the fuck up.

  3. Linda Cemack says:

    Hey, thanks, Beaver.

    Nothing like not addressing what I wrote, but instead attacking me personally to prove your bona fides (look it up).

    Try again.

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