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Tom Waits Pays a Visit to Springfield

Tom Waits, Music


On Sunday, the oh-so-irreverent-and-undeniably-badass Tom Waits will finally find himself Simpson-ized.

He’ll guest star on an episode of The Simpsons called Homer Goes to Prep School. The plot, according to CoS, involves Waits as a survivalist who takes Homer under his wing and introduces him into that lifestyle.

Sounds good to us.


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  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for the post, J.B.! I normally never miss any part of FOX’s Animation Domination, but I had to work late at DISH last night and missed the whole block of shows. Thankfully, I have the PrimeTime Anytime feature enabled on my DISH Hopper DVR, so it records the whole prime time line up from FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC and stores those shows for up to 8 days. I just watched the episode, and I knew “Lloyd’s” voice from somewhere, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Now that I know it was Tom Waits, I am surprised at myself for not knowing that.

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