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Austrian Death Machine’s Tim Lambesis Will Tattoo Your Initials On His Ass For $5000

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austrian death machineAustrian Death Machine is the hilarious side project of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis. With two albums filled with songs paying tribute to former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lambesis is the latest artist asking fans to help fund a new album.

While there are basic digital download packages and T-shirt/CD combos for those who make a small donation, there are plenty of unique items for those looking to submit a serious chunk of change towards the $63,000 goal. For $69 you get a digital download as well as the chance to punch Lambesis in the abs. For $500 the Grammy nominated frontman will be your personal trainer for a month. For the true high rollers, a $5000 donation gets you a dinner date with Lambesis after he tattoos your initials on his ass. He may even let you hold his hand during the tattoo process. You can learn more about this project via the below video.

Contribute to the third Austrian Death Machine album here. Feel free to give the band a Like on Facebook as well.


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