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Dave Grohl Pays a Visit to the Scatterbrained Reddit World

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The ever-charming Dave Grohl stopped by Reddit for a very jovial AMA (Ask Me Anything) last week, and as with all things internet, and especially somewhere as outlandish and cursory as Reddit, events such as an AMA could go either way. It can either be revealing, touching and inspiring, or, like Grohl’s unfortunate exchanges on the site, it can feel transitory and misspent.

There are many questions to be asked from a musician as impassioned and as hard-working as the Foo Fighters frontman, ranging from his time making the phenomenal Sound City documentary to his passions and inspirations, but alas, none of these questions were asked on the AMA – or perhaps they were and simply weren’t answered. Instead, fans were left with amusing but oftentimes aimless trivia about the icon in regards to his stance on salads and fried chicken.

The AMA did, however, feature some scarce revealing moments worth sharing, where Grohl spoke of the pinnacle of his filmmaking process with Sound City (the film getting accepted into the Sundance Film Festival), his best-loved Foo Fighters song (Walk, which he wrote as his daughter was learning to walk), and some minor words of advice to young musicians looking to make it in the ever-competitive musical world (“You will only be great at the things you love to do. Don’t pursue a career in something you hate to do”).

Though not as stimulating as man of Grohl’s zeal (Marc Maron recently managed a beautiful conversation worth listening to with Grohl on his podcast), the AMA is still worthy of an undemanding scroll. It is filled with delightful moments that somehow further verify Grohl’s standing as one of the kindest figures in rock and roll, and that in itself is a character trait worth revisiting.  Kindness, after all, is too precious to disregard.


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