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Palms (Chino Moreno, ex-Isis Members) Deliver First Song

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It was nearly a year ago when we shared with you the first details of a new collaboration between Chino Moreno and former Isis members Aaron Harris, Clifford Meyer and Jeff Caxide). Now we finally have some music from Palms.

Update: Late last night, Moreno debuted an early/unmastered version of the song Tropics. Despite the fact that Ipecac Recordings will put out the self-titled debut from the band on June 25th, the fine folks at Warner Music Group have taken the below recording offline. So for now while we wait for something new to pop up, enjoy the extremely boring official webpage for Palms.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. chris says:

    Has it been taken down already, or is it because I’m in Canada? Can’t find this anywhere else. :S

  2. rasmus says:

    Down in Denmark too :(

  3. Marc says:

    In Germany its down too.. FFFFUUUUU. Cant wait to hear some stuff from this band!

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