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Stream The Latest Offering From Bosnian Rainbows, ‘Turtle Neck’

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With a tour of the United States set to kick off later this week, Bosnian Rainbows have dropped another new track from their highly anticipated debut record.

bosnian rainbows

Turtle Neck is far more exciting than the previously released Torn Maps. While the song still has a bit of an Amanda Palmer stuck in the 1980’s vibe, there are plenty of spacey jams and proggy tempo changes to keep fans of Omar Rodríguez-López’s past bands happy. The song recently premiered over at Rolling Stone and you can give it a listen down below.

There is still no solid release date or title for the debut album from Bosnian Rainbows. While we wait for the news, feel free to visit their Facebook page.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Nomad1 says:

    far more exciting, but still pretty boring.

  2. Impressive. That erased the rest of my anticipation in only 4 minutes!

  3. Absolutely amazing live. Gender Bender has such a good stage presence and Omar was shredding up Baltimore!

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