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Watch Alabama Shakes Make Their SNL Debut

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alabamashakesThis week’s installment of Saturday Night Live saw former Jack White opening act the Alabama Shakes perform two songs. The band took to the peacock network to rock out versions Hold On from their smash hit debut Boys & Girls, as well as a tune written for the Academy Award nominated film Silver Linings Playbook entitled Always Alright. Despite getting introduced as the singular “Alabama Shake” by host Christoph Waltz, the group did not falter in their performance. In fact it is one of the best sounding SNL performances we have heard in a long time. You can watch both performances from the show down below.

Hold On:

Always Alright:/strong>

The Alabama Shakes are embarking on a tour early next month that will take them through much of the United States. You can find all those dates here. For a studio version of Always Alright, click here.


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