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Watch Amanda Palmer’s Heartwrecking Video for ‘The Bed Song’

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Amanda Palmer’s The Bed Song is heartbreaking in every way, chronicling the flailing relationship of two lovers, beginning with euphoria and ending in crushing quietude. The song structure is quite simple, but it is how Palmer utilizes this simplicity that is devastating. She meekly sits at her piano and sings her song, but she fearlessly sings her soul with it, uncovering all the flaws and vulnerabilities within us that make us love and make us docile and make us fall apart. It is very beautiful too.

Amanda Palmer - Map of Tasmania

A song as lucid and as genuine as The Bed Song doesn’t even require a filmed accompaniment. The anguish is so tangible and so merciless that it would be almost cruel to turn the experience into something visual. Heartache is almost as hard to watch as it is to experience, because it summons memories and aches that most people try so hard to conceal and to tuck away. But The Bed Song seems intent on echoing those quelled recollections, and Michael McQuilken’s video for Palmer’s most forceful song brings a brittle, theatrical delicacy to the fierce candor of the track.

Watch the video below, and happy Valentine’s Day.


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  1. Saeid says:

    Just the last seconds of the video after the grave scene had something more than the song. The song itself is so powerful that video couldn’t go any further (and that’s not an excuse to show a wheelchair when it says “we’re both mostly paralyzed” or trying to show a big bed when the song is about a big bed that guarantees… I mean the video exactly shows what is being sung), and there’s no need to make a video that all its beauty is because of the song, except the last seconds which I think is not enough yet to make a video for.

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