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Black Sabbath Give First Samples of New Music in Latest Behind the Scenes Studio Clip

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With fans eagerly awaiting the new Black Sabbath record 13, we finally have a slight glimpse of what we can expect from Ozzy, Toni, Geezer and Brad thanks to a new behind the scenes video released by the band.


The second exclusive look issued by the Black Sabbath camp features producer Rick Rubin discussing his role in the making of 13. It also features brief clips of songs assumed to be on the first Black Sabbath record to feature vocals from Ozzy Osbourne in nearly 35 years. You can watch it below, but be warned that Rick Rubin’s facial hair may not be safe for work and could very well give you night tremors.

Update: The band just announced that 13 will drop June 11th in the United States and you can pre-order the album in numerous formats here.

If you have plans to be in Japan during the month of May, make sure you check out the band live at Ozzfest Japan.


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