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Mike McCready, Duff McKagan and Barrett Martin Start New Side-Project

Mike McCready, Duff McKagan And Barrett Martin , Music


mike and duffThe latest from the Mad Season / Mike McCready / grunge super group newswire:

McCready has apparently formed a new project with Duff McKagan (of G’N’R) and Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees / Mad Season to flesh out some of the unfinished Mad Season demos from what would have been the band’s second album, Disinformation.

Billboard spilled the beans on Friday, and while details are rather preliminary, this project sounds pretty sweet. McCready says that the project might feature “a cast of singers,” including, perhaps, Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke.

Said Mike:

Duff and Barrett and I got together. We wrote some new stuff and we took some of those old Mad Season demos from that [unreleased] second ‘Disinformation’ record, so we are trying to find something to do with those,” McCready says. “We’re talking to Jaz from Killing Joke and I’ve been trying to find some singers to work on some of that stuff.”

Cool, huh?

If you haven’t, watch a 5-minute behind-the-scenes doc on Mad Season’s upcoming Above reissue – and listen to a previously unreleased song, Locomotive, featuring Mark Lanegan on vocals.

Mind you, this is completely separate from Walking Papers, featuring Duff and Barrett, whose album McCready guested on.

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  1. chimpz says:

    Wait so…..the stuff on the Above reissue WASNT unfinished Disinformation tracks?

  2. Philip Navarre says:

    They played a song of this during the Mariners Home Opener pregame right before they interviewed Mike McCready

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