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Stream The New Senses Fail Album, ‘Renacer’

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Senses Fail will return next week with Renacer, their fifth studio album and first since 2010’s The Fire.

For this album, the post hardcore band decided to work with producer Shaun Lopez (of whom we’re big fans, due to his participation with Chino Moreno in Crosses and Far).

Working with a new producer, Senses Fail sought to do something different this time. As singer Buddy Nielsen put it:

“I’ve always wanted the band to move towards being less pop-driven and heavier and more exploratory. We needed to change it up, do something different and move forward. We wanted there to be space, because we wanted the record to sound heavy and open. If you want something to sound heavy, it’s about the space, not necessarily just the chord structures or the screaming.”

Renacer is currently streaming over at MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog – give it a spin and see how this new partnership of Lopez, Senses Fail and their new label home Staple Records.

Renacer track list:

1. Renacer
2. Holy Mountain
3. Mi Amor
4. Closure/Rebirth
5. The Path
6. Canine
7. Glass
8. Ancient Tombs
9. Frost Flower
10. Snake Bite
11. Courage Of The Knife
12. Between The Mountains And The Sea


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