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Vangelis’ ‘Blade Runner’ Soundtrack Heading for Vinyl Release

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If you are a fan of Vangelis, or more specifically, the Blade Runner soundtrack, you are in luck. The hauntingly gorgeous music from the movie is coming out on vinyl next month. This is the only authorized release of the Vangelis soundtrack that you will find out there on vinyl.

aflp154I’m not a fan of the cover art, but I guess if you are going to use iconic images from the movie, it will do. And the red vinyl is pretty enough. The sad part (besides the cover art) is that you only get twelve tracks, as opposed to the trilogy version that hardcore fans of the movie know and love. But, you are getting the core soundtrack, which takes you from Deckard’s apartment all the way to a replicant’s last speech on a rainy rooftop.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of immersing yourself in this soundtrack, you can stream it via Rdio (you’re welcome). They have ongoing pre-orders here, so you won’t have to worry about your chance expiring.

Thanks to COS for the heads-up.


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  1. juepucta says:

    the cover is basically the art for the poster

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