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Watch Bob Weir Storm Off Stage During Intimate Northern California Concert

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Sometimes it just sucks to be Bob Weir.

bob weir

The former Grateful Dead member had a rough time of it last night in the Northern California town of Mill Valley. With his longtime band RatDog morphing into the softer RatDog Quartet, the legendary rocker is currently in the middle of a run of shows at the Sweetwater Music Hall. As Hidden Track reports, Weir battled all night with individuals who preferred to chat instead of listening to the stripped back evening of music.

Footage of Weir confronting the rude fans before walking off stage during a performance of the Bob Dylan classic Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall has appeared on YouTube. Fast forward to the 5:28 mark to watch Bob get pissed.

Hidden Track also reports that Weir yelled “Shut The Fuck Up” to the crowd before the night’s encore. As part owner of the venue, one would thing Bobby could get a little respect, but apparently that was not the case last night. Hey, at least this time out he once again didn’t fall victim to an accidental dosing.


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