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Deftones Visit the Wild West in New ‘Swerve City’ Lyric Video

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Deftones just premiered a new lyric video for Swerve City, the blistering opening track from their incredible 2012 disc Koi No Yokan.

The clip, which is basically a music video, features the song’s lyrics overlaid on old footage of obscure Western films (or the same film, it’s unclear really). Take a look:

Honestly, the newly-unearthed Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) that we dug up earlier this week is more stimulating visually, but there’s nothing wrong with more reasons to listen to songs from Koi No Yokan.

Deftones still have a few more headlining shows coming up before hitting the festival circuit with slots at Reading & Leeds, Petite Nation RockFest, and Metallica’s Orion Music + More.


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