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Stream a New Solo Song From Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard

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Few details have been released about Stone Gossard‘s upcoming solo LP, Moonlander, besides it’s summer release date. That is, until a simple post on Pearl Jam‘s website offered a stream to the album’s first single. The LP will be Gossard’s first solo release since his 2001 album Bayleaf, a humble debut on Epic records. Now jumping on to the Monkeywrench label that he co-owns with his fellow members of Pearl Jam, Gossard will release his full sophomore album on June 25th of this year. According to Pearl Jam’s website, you can also check back each week for a new track, but while you wait, listen to the first single I Need Something Different below:

If you want even more, you can also pre-order Gossard’s first EP, Apollo, on iTunes now.


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