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Stream Jimmy Eat World’s New ‘Damage’ EP

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Jimmy Eat World

Over the weekend as part of Record Store Day festivities, Arizona rockers Jimmy Eat World released a new song, the title track from their upcoming album, Damage.

Damage, JEW’s seventh studio record, was produced by Alain Johannes and will be out on June 11th.

The title track is the second song released thus far from the album. If you haven’t yet, check out the recently-debuted lead singleI Will Steal You Back.

Stream the song Damage below:

The B-side to the band’s RSD 7″ was a cover of a Radiohead B-side called Stop Whispering. Here’s that:

Hit their site to check out pre-order options.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Ross CMR says:

    Jimmy Eat World is back!! This is like a dream come true. Just saw their new lyrical video, check it out!

  2. So excited for the new Jimmy Eat World album! check out their lyric video for “I will steal you back”: so good!

  3. Bryan Hume says:

    Pumped for this album! Jimmy Eat World will certainly not disappoint with this one.

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