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Watch a Never-Before-Seen Video for Deftones’ ‘Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)’

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It’s quite a pleasure when ancient, hidden content from a band pops up online, be it with or without the musicians’ permission. Either one of those cases occurred today, with an official, 15-years-old video by Deftones showing up on YouTube without much notice.

It’s common for any musical act to record more material than they end up actually using, be it audio or visual content, leaving small gems to be slowly uncovered over the years. When Deftones recorded the video for their 1998 single Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away), which can be seen further below, they apparently took the opportunity of the background they had available and made a second vid, for the acoustic version of the track. It’s a minimalist video, featuring frontman Chino Moreno singing the song under a bridge, but a cool dose of nostalgia nonetheless.

Little is known so far regarding how or why this remained hidden for this long, or how exactly it got uncovered, but you can watch the never-before-released footage below:

The video was found by the people over at all-knowing fansite Deftones Latino, who saw it originally posted on the Vimeo page for director Frank Ockenfels – who directed both versions of the video. The original Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) can be seen below, with some pretty obvious similarities:


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Buzz Chatman says:

    I’m freakin’ out over here!

  2. Dextermorph says:

    Hope they come to bogarts (Cincinnati ) or Madison (N.kentucky) again. Always love seeing them @ smaller venues.

  3. You should use the Vimeo links, not the YouTube ones.

    The YouTube versions are lossy and are a fan’s (a friend of mine) uploads. The Vimeo ones are Frank Ockenfels’ “originals”.

  4. freddy says:

    This version of this song is on B-sides and rarities.

  5. Ash says:

    He cracks a smile @ 3:44 when it dawns on him just how awkward it all was. Good reason this was buried, but fun to relive Chino’s younger days all over again :)

  6. Man, locked away since 1998. I had no idea they made a video for the acoustic version of this song. Huge Deftones fan here, so I’m definitely checking this out.

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