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Listen To The Latest Sigur Rós Album, ‘Kveikur’

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SIGUR ROS KVEIKUREveryone’s favorite Icelandic musical export not named Björk is back with a brand new album. 14 months after releasing Valtari, Sigur Rós return with the shockingly aggressive Kveikur. The album is set to drop in North America on June 18th, but thanks to the fine folks at Amazon, you can listen to it now. You don’t even need a prime account. You can stream and pre-order the album here.

Kveikur is the first album from Sigur Rós lost long time member Kjartan Sveinsson. The band confirmed back in January that the multi-instrumentalist left to do something new, and for the time will continue on as a three piece.

Kveikur Tracklist:
01. Brennisteinn
02. Hrafntinna
03. Isjaki
04. Yfirbord
05. Stormur
06. Kveikur
07. Rafstraumur
08. Bláprádur
09. Var


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