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New Pearl Jam Single ‘Mind Your Manners’ Due July 16?

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Pearl Jam

According to a listing at All Access, Pearl Jam are planning to release a new single called Mind Your Manners on July 16. The posting has since been removed, but the cat may very well be out of the bag.

This news is in keeping with the buzz we’ve been hearing that the band is nearing completion on their tenth album, and that it will be “out this year for sure,” according to guitarist Mike McCready.

While we try not to get our hopes too high, check out a hugely promising unreleased track called Of The Earth that the band debuted in 2010.

Update: Mind Your Manners has been confirmed as the lead single for Pearl Jam’s new album. According to Revolt, the song has been compared to Spin The Black Circle.

Here’s where the grain of salt is required with reading: The band’s new album is reportedly called Tides and should arrive on October 8th, with a rumored tracklist as follows:

1. Revolution Reruns (3:36)
2. Kickstop (2:14)
3. Vivid Futures (3:58)
4. Mind Your Manners (3:08)
5. The Undertow (4:04)
6. Red (3:23)
7. Of The Earth (6:15)
8. Tracking Change (4:21)
9. Uncharted Terrain (3:59)
10. Foliage (2:16)
11. Derision (3:32)
12. Sans Finis (7:12)

We’ll keep you posted on more once the salt trucks are out of sight.


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  1. me says:

    hope it rocx

  2. SGRubin says:

    My hopes are high but expectations are low. I didn’t love their last album.

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