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Tricky Drops New Video for ‘Nothing Matters’ Featuring Nneka

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We’ll take any excuse to talk about Tricky or Nneka, one of the amazing vocalists on his great new album False Idols. So this new video for their collab Nothing Matters is a must-click in our book:

From my review of False Idols:

“In Nothing Matters, we are introduced to the force of nature known as Nneka Egbuna. Like Tricky himself, this Nigerian / German Hip Hop / Soul singer defies categorization. Inspired by this appearance, I discovered some amazing solo recordings, and ultimately her 2012 album Soul Is Heavy, which is definitely worth a listen. Nothing Matters might only scratch the surface of what Nneka can do vocally, but it is the first perfect example of the balance Tricky has found on this new album, between his “roots” (for lack of a less worn out word), and his ability to push the envelope further and further. The foundation is essentially classic Trip-Hop, an 808 beat with gated kick, clean piano, and sweeping synth pads. But Nneka is not a sultry whisperer. Her voice soars, passionate, and so rich with human conflict that you’re not even sure if Nothing Matters is a love song or an assassin’s last words to a mark. Of course, it’s probably both.”

Thanks to Okayafrica. for this one.


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  1. le pupe says:

    feeling the ‘Shara Nelson’ vibes here…cool song/video…Personally I do prefer Martina but that was then and this is now…

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