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Watch Pearl Jam Debut New Song ‘Lightning Bolt’ and ‘Future Days’ at Wrigley Field

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Pearl Jam‘s hugely anticipated Wrigley Field show on Friday night, which sold out rapidly and featured a partcularly heightened sense of excitement being that it’s Eddie Vedder’s hometown, was rain delayed more than once – but the band played on.

After playing new track Mind Your Manners (watch the live debut), PJ then unveiled the title track from their forthcoming album Lightning Bolt, playing the song for the first time anywhere. Check out the world premiere performance below:

Another angle:

As a fan of 22 years, this is one exciting fucking song. A soaring Mikey solo, a heartfelt melody with a rising intensity and gorgeous breakdown, with the kind of climax Pearl Jam does so very well.

Notice how Ed calls the song “Lightning,” as does the setlist photo below – but Pearl Jam’s official Twitter account lists the song as Lightning Bolt.

For fans of Vedder’s more downtempo, introspective solo material, there was also the premiere of new song Future Days, featuring producer Brendan O’Brien on keys. Watch below.

Whether you’re a fan of the roaring rockers or the quiet meanderings, by the sound of things we’ve got some promising material on our hands for the October release of Lightning Bolt.

Pearl Jam Wrigley Field July 20, 2013 setlist:

01. Release

02. Nothingman

03. Present Tense

04. Hold On

05. Low Light

06. Comeback

07. Elderly Woman Behind a Counter in a Small Town

[2.5 hour rain delay]

08. All the Way

09. All Night

10. Do the Evolution

11. Setting Forth

12. Corduroy

13. Faithfull

14. Mind Your Manners

15. Lightning Bolt (New song)

16. State of Love and Trust

17. Wishlist

18. Even Flow

19. Leatherman

20. Eruption (Mike Solo – Van Halen Cover)

21. Bugs

22. Why Go

23. Unthought Known

24. Rearviewmirror


25. Future Days (Brendan O’Brien on keys)

26. Mother (Pink Floyd Cover)

27. Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns (Mother Love Bone Cover)

28. Porch

29. Wasted Reprise

30. Life Wasted

31. Black

32. Rockin’ in the Free World (Neil Young Cover)


Thanks to YouTube champion Ed Leon!


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