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Listen to the Studio Version of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Copy of A’

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NIN copy of a cover

As Nine Inch Nails‘ have been taking festival headlining slots by storm with their comeback tour, a few bits of new material have been already shown live. Namely, three tracks from the upcoming LP Hesitation Marks were played: Copy of A, Find My Way and Disappointed. Thankfully, a studio version of Copy of A – which has been opening the band’s live sets – was posted online as a free download from Amazon UK.

Featuring an even more electronic-oriented mix than the live version, and some odd vocal loops, it seems to set the tone proper for Hesitation Marks, along with the previously released Came Back Haunted. Natrually, it’s now on YouTube, and you can listen to it below:

NIN’s Hesitation Marks drops on September 3rd, pre-order it here. Meanwhile, check out our extensive list of former NIN members and what they’re doing now.


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  1. We love techno. We love Chicago, Berlin, Analog Drum Machines, 303s and that modular Spaghetti shit.

  2. Randy Mootsee says:

    I am strangely addicted to this song. It just makes sense to enjoy this song. Bravo.

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