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Watch Children Cover The Shit Out of Tool’s ’46 & 2′

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Here is a group of children covering Tool’s classic 46 &2, and kicking the ever-loving hell out of it.

Big respect to these little whippersnappers, and to music teacher Aaron O’Keefe, who knows what the fuck is up. And speaking of knowing what’s up, frontman Maynard James Keenan had this to say recently about progress on the new Tool album.


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  1. Dave Foreman says:

    Holy shit! That was better than any major band I’ve heard that tried to cover Tool. Best Tool Cover I’ve ever heard and it was done by kids. Wish I had a music teacher like that back in school.

  2. Alex says:

    HOLY SHIT! How do you do that. Best tool cover I’ve ever heard. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Leann Mabry says:

    This is amazing! Kudos to these musicians and to the teacher!! It’s sooo refreshing to see covers of actual music!!! AWESOME JOB!!! :-)

  4. Murray says:

    Great job to those kids and their teacher!

  5. patrick says:

    That drummer can give Danny carey a run for his money.


  7. Cher Lynn says:

    Faith restored. Thank you!

  8. Are the kids not named because they are minors? This was insane! I’ve got goose bumps and tears. How utterly fantastic this is…GREAT JOB, ALL OF YOU!!!

  9. cathy gunderson says:

    Great Job…I would buy this music! I want to know who these musicians are!

  10. Wow. The musicians are good, but that voice. Fuck that’s to expressive for, what, a 12 year old??!!??

  11. janine mathie says:

    wow you guys rock

  12. Kevin Gleeson says:

    Excellent work. And people wonder why I like working with young bands. The lot of them are damn good, but lead vox and drums were the stand-out. Love to know more about these kids, but I hope we hear more from them. They deserve it. Total kudos to their teacher too. Now fuck off with the Idol and @@@@’s got talent and give musos that really do have talent a break.

  13. kid wears a Periphery tshirt and playing bass for a Tool song. Deym.

  14. steve says:

    only heard of that song today,these kids are fantastic love to get a copy of it,then i heard tools version,heaps of cudos for these kids and their teachers fantastic version,hope to hear more of them the singer absolutely fantastic. confidence above her age, the drummer and bass player fantastic also

  15. Jeff says:

    Have they done any more covers? And if so where can we hear them?

  16. Mike says:

    I am an avid fan of every type of music but very picky within each genre and it is really great to see our younger generation learn real music!! For those not in the know, 46&2 (and most of Tool’s music) is definitely on the higher end of the learning curve…to cover them well, and that’s just what this group did. Fantastic!

  17. Brent says:

    Was that Haley Joel Osment on vocals? But seriously… I’m floored.

  18. Pschro says:

    Swagger! I’m an avid tool fan, that was exceptional!

  19. Coz Baldwin says:

    < Listening for the 7th time.

  20. Coz Baldwin says:

    That piano adds a whole new element of beauty to this song. Love the singer’s tone but I’m sure she could do a better job in a few more years. Everyone else is so on point, I forget I’m listening to kids.

  21. Que espectacular cabros…..hicieron que se me pararan los pelos.

  22. steven christiansen says:

    Kids or so called kids , almost scare the shit out of me. The amount of Tallent kids are capable of is so high, its almost an insult to refer to them as kids. The amount of tallent displayed by these young people is eye opening and an honor to experience.

  23. andrew says:

    that drummer though

  24. Richard Gregoire says:

    Alright, I was floored! Great vocal, drummer, bass and rhythm sticks _ everyone was scorching! Thanks for letting these musicians kick out the jams.

  25. Mark Tompkins says:

    I am a huge Tool fan, they did a excellent job.

  26. Christopher Allen Carpenter says:

    WOW!!!!! I started weeping tears of joy watching this!

  27. patty emacdonald says:

    my GOD ~ its such a releif to see my grandchildren can finally ~ grow up with ~ musicans of his generation that have excellin meaning to the music feild….did these kids make a cd ? if so anyway of buyin a few ?

  28. Elijah's Rain says:

    Just shared this video along with my music peeps. Loved it!

  29. Bob Hicks says:

    Amazing, Brilliant, Awe-Inspiring! Kudo’s to the Kids… Little singer chick has major Star-Apppeal with a smile to drive the little boys wild, The other Musicians shined equally as bright…not just mimicking licks off of records..but playing with feeling..and PASSION! Bass player smoked it, Drummer blew me away, even little dude on the Sticks, who cracked me up at first NAILED IT! ..They are ALL bonafide Rockstars! They have restored my faith that the Music is not Dead!

  30. Brent says:

    So good! every band teacher should have to see this.

  31. Andrea says:

    Hands down, THE BEST Tool cover I have ever heard! I probably should have been rolling some video just to capture my face when that girl starts singing. I mean, the instrumental alone is out of this world, but all of it combined? Holy shit.

  32. Kyle Church says:

    “Faith in the future generation’s musical knowledge restored.”

  33. Timmy Carnes says:

    Amost shattered my jaw on the floor!

  34. Kyle Heller says:

    I am a huge Tool fan and this epic! I’ve watched this no less than 20 times already and I am nowhere close to stopping any time soon! Every aspect of these kids were spot on. Drummer was insane! guitars and bass and percussion were spot on, the piano was an excellent addition to an amazing song…but wow, hearing that little girls voice floored me! Thank you to all of them for allowing me to experience this!

  35. Claire says:

    High quality music education! Rock on!

  36. B says:

    This is awesome! These kids have given me some faith in their generation. If only the majority of their peers had such good taste for quality music!

  37. Jen says:

    I want to buy this!

  38. Smrtp says:

    Cool!…and btw i liked how the credits music is from the Death note ‘s soundtrack

  39. Bbuckley says:

    As a huge music fan as well as a Tool fan, seen them twice, I am floored how great of a cover this is. I would pay to see them perform. Really amazing, I can only hope they continue to play music in the years ahead. Kudos to the singer who knocked it out of the park and for their teacher who introduced them to such a great band. Looking forward to hearing more.

  40. That teacher kicks ass! Watch out Maynard, their coming for you :) This gave me GOOSE bumps. WTH!!!

  41. Ho….ly….crap. That was awesome

  42. This is my favorite song of all time (Followed by Dire Straights – Sultans of Swing, just for a sampling of my tastes). This is by far the best cover I’ve ever heard of this song. I’ve heard plenty of bands in bars try and fair horribly at this song. This is a straight up kick ass cover though. I hope this teacher does more songs with students. If music class had been anything as cool as this as my school I might have actually gone.

  43. Darius says:

    I love how in the credits they mention all the names of the crew that made the video. But not any of the names of the children.

  44. Kevin Hemming says:

    Remember these kids in a few short years you are going to be seeing them on stage. Way to go, outstanding.

  45. I was beginning to lose hope for this new generation when it comes to music but now I see a glimmer of light.

  46. That kid is playing the shit out of that bass!

  47. I must find out this band’s name. AMAZING cover. I would like to hear some of their own stuff too!

    • Bruce Epper says:

      Just subscribe to Aaron O’Keefe’s YouTube channel. They aren’t an established band. They are just some of his students. His students have done dozens of recordings that he has posted on his channel. Check out “Cemetery Gates,” “Painkiller” (the vocalist is only 9 IIRC), “The Longest Day and The Legacy,” “Pull Me Under,” and “Chain of Fools.” All of them kick ass!

  48. Brandon says:

    Unreal….my fav song was just covered the shit out of! AMAZING job to all of you. Glad you decided to cover a real band with a kick ass song!
    Kudos to the teacher!

  49. Adam Sindel says:

    incredible – all round.

  50. Jason says:

    Really liked the drummer!

  51. Scooter says:

    Amazing. Too awesome for words

  52. When is the Cover Album coming out?

  53. Here they are again with Dream Theater cover “Pull me Under” Awesome!!

  54. There is hope for the world yet. Children are our future, and these kids need to lead the way.

  55. Jheri Godfrey says:

    Wow this is so freaking awesome!!!!!

  56. Neurotech says:

    Wow. Kinda makes X Factor and Idol look like a f**king joke. Super talented kids. Great track. Respect.

  57. These kids did an amazing job, and kudos to the teacher as well. I haven’t gotten goosebumps from a song in a long time, especially a cover! This is the best cover of this song I have ever heard! I hope to hear more from these kids.

  58. Wayne Molloy says:

    I am just speechless, if someone doesn’t sign these kids there is no justice in the world.
    They were all outstanding especially the drummer, piano and bass, but that girl singing was just the icing on the cake, I am going to be posting this back up on Facebook for weeks. Great job guys and a special thanks to their teacher, some more please, lots more!

  59. Georgia Sandor says:

    They were all amazing and the drummer was something else.

  60. Jamie Young says:

    Whoa! They should make an album. I’d buy it!

  61. Hank Denver says:

    I played in bands for years. If kids can do it, how hard can it really be?

  62. Jed Saint says:

    Amazing stuff! Hope they all keep it up.

  63. Violet says:

    I’m going to hand it to that little percussionist kid with the sticks- he must be about 7? Fantastic. The whole cover is so aspirational, this is what kids these days should be doing, not wasting their time on Xbox and the like!

  64. Joshua Cole says:

    I personally work with theses kids and Aaron O’keffe… What they are doing there is truly wonderful…. I am a guitar teacher at a few of his academies and there have been kids that have came through there who can out play me anyday of the week… I love my job!

  65. Big J says:

    I am utterly amazed…I had goosebumps, tears in my eyes, I was laughing…THIS IS INCREDIBLE. The second the song started with that bass ripping into the riffs, my jaw dropped…and my mouth dried out before the song was over I couldn’t close it. can you imagine….these kids on stage WITH TOOL!?!?! let tool rip the song out, and then have these kids come out and match them? WOW i am completely stunned, goodonya teacher, and you kids! congratulations on working so hard to get that so perfect!

  66. This is amazing.The best tool cover I have ever herd. It puts my guitar playing to shame

  67. Ray says:

    Little Rock Angel for sure, you guys did an awesome job and should all be so proud of yourselves. It didn’t hurt that you covered my favor band 8-)

  68. MrJava says:

    I didn’t know Arya Stark had a band!

    As a prior commentator said: tears and chills.

  69. miranda born says:

    Kids rock the shit out of that song great job…. hope yall have more to come.. gave me goose bumps

  70. Heinous says:

    Awful vocals and the music teacher set up their sound on all the instruments as well as handed them the notes. Too easy for the kids not to screw it up.

    • Blake Ly says:

      You’re obviously joking because I didn’t see anybody looking at notes except the piano player and the singer so I hope you’re kidding because to have the balls to attempt to cover Tool is one thing in and of itself but the way the kids did it and pulled it off FLAWLESSLY was insane! ….and you’re insane unless your post is a joke ;-/

  71. Jess says:

    Awesome job kids that was the best cover I have ever heard!! Even the vocals were great!!

  72. the singer sings at my church, crazy to hear a kid sing like tha. at church she sings 50’s music, she’s awesome

  73. Michael Treu says:

    omg that is fricken crazy. Awesome!

  74. anon says:

    Great job on the cover! But I’m not sure why Tool or Maynard James Keenan didn’t receive recognition in the credits.

  75. Gary Linus Gus's says:

    To All Involved:
    My Heart Shines, Bests Stronger

    Thank You All. Feel Good!

    ¥ – wherecanigetinlineforfrontrowtix

  76. FreQ says:

    Holy HELL That little girl will have a killer voice for metal when she gets older The rest of the bad SLAYED the song!!!!

  77. Matt Bossfight says:

    Seriously, where can I buy this? Take my money. Just take it.

  78. anthony williams says:

    Awesome just

  79. Todd Stanley says:

    I think TOOL should let these kids perform this song at an upcoming live performance; the curtain drops after the previous song, the kids replace the band members, the curtain raises and they rock the house!!!

  80. Tim says:

    Oh. My. God… Absolutely, positively nailed it!!!! Amazing!!

  81. bobbie lynn says:

    This is Awesome..!!! Some Bad Ass Kids!!

  82. If you think this is good, you should try the wine they made in science class after Maynard’s cabernet. Talented youngsters!

  83. Amazing kids making amazing little artists!

  84. Jason Prunn says:

    Most amazing thing I have heard!!! You guys rock!!!! I want to hear many more.

  85. Tami Pannell says:

    I am totally amazed and Blown away at the talent this bunch of Kids Have!! Awesome!!!

  86. Sean says:

    All i have to say is OH MY GOD!!!

  87. Jesse Pennabaker says:

    Thought this was great… until the girl started singing. couldn’t make it much farther than that. vocals were horrible, they should have left it as an instrumental. Band, you were phenomenal though

  88. Greg says:

    This is what music needs to stay alive. Teachers bringing out the best in kids. Something that main stream music is washing out of society.

  89. Julie McQueeney says:

    These kids are so very talented. Kudos to their teacher!!

  90. Neil Harvey says:

    school of rock indeed. I would pay to see these kids!!

  91. Blake Ly says:

    I’m in shock!That was incredible to watch! I checked out some of the other videos on the guy’s YouTube channel and he’s got kids covering Zeppelin and even Dream Theater’s Pull Me Under! BIG kudos to all you little fuckers and to the ‘teach too!!! That was just….wow!

  92. Cheryl Croston says:

    After that debacle at the music awards I had lost faith in today’s music…. then I watched this video. Faith restored! These young musicians are truly inspirational and highly gifted. This is the type of talent they should showcase at the music awards! Musicians who take their craft seriously and who deserve to be appreciated by people around the world.

  93. thai says:

    I thought all hope was lost… thank you kids for loving good music and inspiring me to pick up and start playin again. Keep ona rockin!!

  94. these kids are so far above the mark it is unreal…what talent!!! I’d buy anything from these guys, and the oldest one looks MAYBE 14

  95. Congrats kids, you have just restored millions of people’s faith in the future of music. Please stay the course and continue to rock on. BTW – I think my daughter is going to look exactly like the lead singer in 13 years. Crazy.

  96. Javits Britt says:

    Wow!!!! I am completely dumbfounded!!!!! You kids are F%$#@ Awesome!!!

  97. Zane Kuhle says:

    Takes a lot to impress me with covers, and this is terrific! I sure hope the industry recognizes talent and picks them up..I want to see/hear more!

  98. these kids are amazing love it. everyone of them mastered there task. bravo!!!!

  99. John says:

    wow. wow. awesome! best i’ve heard

  100. Kevin Burke says:

    Outstanding, you guys! You can do anything with the right support, effort, tools and practice. Rockin.

  101. Ronald Poon says:

    great job guys, 4:35 drum break down wow you killed it buddy

  102. Sharon Riley says:

    I love the fierce passion! I hope we hear more from this band. And that drummer! Well, all of them!

  103. Oh my. This video was all over my Facebook being shared from friends of mine in different states and I normally don’t pay videos any attention but i wanted to see what the fuss was about and IM SO GLAD I DID BECAUSE THIS IS SO INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Tool was my first favorite band when I was around these kids age and I am so happy to see this song be totally torn up by these children!!!!!! It is so great, if you guys decide to sell some copies of it I will buy one, just shoot me a message on where I can get ir. Love it, keep rocking the great music you guys are doing an awesome job!!!!!!!!

  104. Vitodude says:

    Thought it was a brilliant move to have that little girl do the vocals. She was fantastic and took the whole performance to an even higher artistic level.

  105. Dan B says:

    Thank you guys and gal! That was and is totally AWESOME! You made my day! You ROCK!

  106. This is awesome! I cant stop listening. Im blown away

  107. Dan B says:

    Had to repost – just listened to Tool do the own song and I really must say I think you do this song better than they do – instrumentally you are equal but lyrically you KILL IT!! Way to go!

  108. Joy Bean Cox says:

    Totally awesome. I know every beat of that song and they didn’t miss a one and the drummer did an awesome job of keeping tempo. The singer was amazing. I wonder what Maynard would say?

  109. dave says:

    amazeballs… that was some cover-song badassery, right there! pass along major kudis to the players!!!

  110. Alex says:

    This was sick! And with the bassist wearing a Periphery shirt, you know they have the right roots. Awesome job.

  111. axl says:

    dude. that last build-up around the five minute mark? super intense. nice job!

  112. curt says:

    They did a good job but that song pretty much sucks.

  113. hell yes. i love all music but i think kids having and instrument in their hands is better than “twirkking”

  114. james says:

    Is it just me or does the vocalist look like Aria from Game of Thrones???

  115. Pantharen says:

    I have no idea who Tool is (I listen to Country Music).

    BUT these kids are amazing.. INCREDIBLE..

  116. Rebecca ladd says:

    Give these guys a contract. So thrilling to see live great music.

  117. Jeremy Williams says:

    wow they are amazing

  118. Ianthe says:

    This is sooo awesome!!! You all have no idea how much I needed this!! It has restored my faith in humanity! Totally lets me know there is hope for our future!! These kids are so BADASS!!!!! Mad props to them and their teacher!! One of the best bands in the world is TOOL!! If everyone listened to TOOL the world would be a better place!!! I love this and cherish it more than u could know! Awesome job!! Keep rockin!! Never ever stop!!!!! \m/ \m/????????????????????????????

  119. That was one of the greatest things I have ever seen!!!! Those kids have so much talent!!!! Thanks for sharing their talent with the rest of us!!!

  120. Magnolia says:

    I want these kids to know, they are magicians…they have so much heart and more soul than most…keep at it, stay conscious, and let us hear more from you…to debut a TOOL song like that, was wow, was amazing, shows serious talent and skill and dedication…May you all go far…and thank you to the instructor who broke the boundaries and did this…outstanding, seriously.

  121. carl childers says:

    This is so incredibly impressive. MANY kudos to the band teacher for bringing the FIRE to this group of kids. This is not your average teacher and these kids are excelling because of it. Incredible cover.

  122. Elaine says:

    This is absolutely amazing. Hats off to the music teacher and to have so many talented kids in one school. This is amazing!!

  123. Kayla Rose says:

    I think that music requires heart. And now and days NONE
    of these so called musicians have 1 ounce of talent in them!
    But these children have more talent in their pinky than these shitty singers and musicians do! Truly awesome!! I’m with everyone else. They restored my faith in our youth and look forward to hearing more from these awesomely talented children! You are all bad ass. Keep Rocking!!!!

  124. chris says:

    this gives me chills so freaking awesome i love it

  125. Cynthia says:

    These kids are AMAZING!!!

  126. R Wyer says:

    I’m over 65 and totally blown away by these kids

  127. Todd says:

    You know that these kids didn’t learn to play like this by sitting in front of a tv or playing video games!
    Screw the play station and get your kids a musical instrument

  128. jason says:

    go little drummer boy, go!
    (but the singer lacks passion – like shes just reading)

    • Anthony says:

      Your comment tells me that you have the passion of a used band-aid. Find me a singer of her age that can sing Maynard half as well as she just did/ Pretty insensitive comment, pal.

  129. kc says:

    Speachless. They need a record deal!

  130. Anthony says:

    Wow! That is a tough song to attempt, let alone master. Thumbs way up across the board, and special tip of the hat to:

  131. Virgil Fritz says:

    Watch these kids kick ass on Tool’s 46 and 2!!! Wow!

  132. K Allen says:

    Incredible!!! Little miss singer sounds like a mini Lacey Sturm! Big shout out to the awesome teacher that took the time and effort to teach these kids an incredibly difficult and spot on cover! Oh and are you sure Danny Carey doesn’t have a teen age son in glasses sporting flannel out there? WOW!!

  133. EvilMissQueenB says:

    Hoping like hell they keep that girl away from the teen pop star machine so she has a real career and doesn’t end up setting herself on fire or hooking for crack.

    AWESOME job, all of them. This is music education right here.

  134. Lisa Medina says:

    WOW!! JUST WOW!! OMG these kids are freakn AWESOME!!

  135. carrie says:

    you guys are extremely talented and should consider putting up more videos. I bet u will get someone interested in sponsoring u on a video or acknowledged for your musical talents!!!!

  136. Daniel Pulse says:

    Em portugues…FUDIDO…………………..Muito bom……….lololololol….awesome…….

  137. Todd Smith says:

    I’ve been a singer and in bands for years and these kids ROCKED IT!!! I loved the Drummer, he was KILLIN IT!! They all was!! AWESOME YOU GUYS and GALS!! ROCK ON!!!

  138. robbie says:

    Simply bwblown away with this performance. One hell of a job

  139. Tom says:

    This is happening and has been happening in towns all over the country for years and years and years. Support your towns young local music scene.

    Thanks to this site and their teacher for giving exposure to young musicians everywhere.

  140. My face = melted.
    I almost started a most pit with my cat.

  141. Lisa says:


  142. Britney says:

    Simply AMAZING!!!!

  143. Robb says:

    I have heard 46&2 Drums played by 1 other and that was Danny’s nephew and the high school he was attending drum line at a Tool show in Phx,Az and it was freaking awesome. This kid here just tore it up! The rest if the band sounds fantastic. The little girl did awesome. Give her a few more years and a little voice coaching,we will be seeing her on stage in front of thousands of people.
    Awesome job to them all!!!

  144. Shane says:

    Speechless. You guys nailed it. So much talent.

  145. Billie says:

    That was impressive. These young people can jam it out! The girl has great vocals. The drummer is really good! Props to that music teacher! That was absolutely badass! Rock on!!!

  146. Bobbie Lee says:

    ohhhhh my GOD, these kids are remarkable……love it!!!

  147. Stunning effort massive props to the teacher….but what an effort by the students…Tool has some of the hardest timings of all time and they were infallible…they have a great future ahead! keep it up!

  148. Amazing! I hope these keds rule the world , and do not get lost in a dead end job slaving for the system. Talent beyond any degree.

  149. Brian says:

    Amazing! I loved it! ! They ROCK!!!

  150. Riaan says:


    This is really amazing and I applaud their teacher!

  151. Eric says:

    This was just magnificently awesome, especially considering the average age of these musicians! Would love to see them play more Tool material; I believe Kala’s voice would be astonishing on “Right in Two” :)

  152. Nada says:

    Just amazing! Great to see young kids performing real music and exhibiting true talent!

  153. OMG, after this check out their cover of Chain of Fools. That little girl can sing!

  154. KIm says:

    Holy smokes!! This is AHHHHHMAZING

  155. Mark Allen says:

    I’ve seen TOOL 19 times in concert, this is the only cover I’ve ever seen that does them any justice. So glad to see the next generation of youth get to experience timeless music! Very well done. I thought it very appropriate to have a female vocalist cover Maynard. Also that they had a band member for every one of Danny Carey’s arms/legs. Kudos!

  156. johnny says:

    i need the name of this band,
    they are F’ing awsome.
    wish i had kids. i’d make rockers outa them ;)

  157. Geir Hammer says:

    WOW!! Cant’n find any words to say anything at all. It just save my day, my week and may be the rest of the year!! Just love it!!
    and… Just give me more :)

  158. That was incredible. Had to listen twice. All these kids ROCK!

  159. Matis Yahoo says:

    Technically gifted kids. very odd to hear this song with a little girl’s voice, kinda creepy really. That drummer is going to have plenty of band requests, lol

  160. Eric Weeber says:

    Drummer, Bass player, Singer…exceptional…wow

  161. Michael James says:

    wow they rocked that song, nice job to all of u hope to c and hear more of u.

  162. As a mother of 9 year old twins and a 4 year old, seeing this gives me chills. We are an extremely musical family and when I watched this, I couldn’t wait for my kiddos to get home from school so I could show them. My 9 year old son was really hesitant about learning the drums, but after seeing that kid kill it, he was giddy with excitement. These kids are positively AMAZING and I hope we see amazing things from them in the future.


  164. Jim Lewis says:

    Awsome all the kids in the band rocked it! Watch out that girl singing is on the money.

  165. Ric B says:

    Wow I have never in my life!!!! Wow wo wowowowowowo that voice…./…
    Im in love wow WELLDONE :)

  166. Jason B says:

    Shut your mouth that was amazing!!!!!

  167. Deb W says:

    Utterly beautiful! These kids and the teacher should be commended for this amazing sound. I was born in the 50’s and this def crosses generations.

  168. chuckLewis says:

    What a great cover!!! By no means is this an easy band to cover, but the oyung man on the skins definitely plays them well !!! Danny Carey I think would be proud, as well as the whole band.

  169. Dave Kappler says:

    This is some asskicking shit.

  170. They are great ..They nailed it ..I want more now..LOved it.Keep it up/.

  171. Caz says:

    X factor thats all I can say !!

  172. rucjruckustata says:

    the vocalist is so damn cute and her vocal range for this song is perfect. The whole group was Amazing..

  173. The future of music is secure.

  174. It’s refreshing to see children not clinging to the “music” that comes out these days. Some may think Tool’s music is to dark for young minds, but it has feeling and meaning. It’s real and relevant. I applaud all of these talented kids.

  175. Andrew says:

    I have watched these 2 vids about twenty times in the last two days and I am blown away every time. Check them out playing Dream Theater:

  176. Jordan says:

    Absolutely amazing. I got chills, goosebumps and tears of joy both watching the video and reading the comments. Tool is my favorite band and I’m so happy to see 1) young people covering them and 2) older people “getting” this music. It’s inspiring and enlightening and listening to the songs takes you to dark, scary, thrilling and joyous places. These kids killed it. Vocalist sounded great but I thought there were just a couple of parts where her words sounded rushed or not timed perfectly (still better than I would have done at 11 though!). She can hit some of the notes that MJK has trouble with these days. :-/ And the drummer was GREAT but as for equaling Danny, maybe so if he continues to practice hard! Keep in mind he had THREE other kids helping him with percussion while Danny does it ALL! He is a freaking machine. Still, it’s not my intention to take anything away from this talented group of musicians. As some of you have said, this was better than the vast majority of other Tool covers that I’ve seen.

    I want to hear them cover Lateralus, The Grudge, The Pot…CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT LITTLE GIRL’S VOICE ON THOSE SONGS? I JUST…MIND = BLOWN!

  177. Ryan says:

    A young Amy Lee in the making

  178. Ash says:

    ok I have to find this on iTunes. Great job Yo!! Tool forever

  179. Ash says:

    Awesome I just caught at the 5 minute mark, she throws up the 46 & 2 ! ha love it!!

  180. Don Otey says:

    They Freakin nailed it!!!!!!!!!

  181. The singer is 12 years old. The drummer originally had the idea to cover this song.

    The song is about reaching the next level of evolution of 46 & 2. I am beginning to think these kids have the 2 extra chromosomes.

    They interviewed their teacher, and apparently they are curently working on recording Xanadu by rush….

    Yeah let me say that again….THEY ARE GOING TO COVER XANADU BY RUSH. If they can pull it off (which I know they will) then they have taken music to that next level.

  182. Niki Zadille says:

    Whats the name of their band at least? Other than they r fuckin hardcore,man! Such a badass job! They went off! Cant wait til they get signed and we can hear more from them and maybe some of their own stuff. Much props to the teacher!

  183. Milburn Lominick says:

    I love these kids…. I would like to hear an original piece of music. If they can write anywhere close o how well they cover…oh my god!!! The world needs this ! Real talent, playing real instruments,,,,no scratching or for Christ sake,,no more rapping!!

  184. Daniela says:

    Wow! I’m shocked! Excellent job of these kids and their teacher! Big respect!

  185. I would like to download this song, I would gladly pay for it. Love it, better than any song I have found of 46 & 2

  186. Simon Christian says:

    I was one of the camera men who filmed this. They are students, not a band. And while a little studio magic was involved (we were at ‘The Tracking Room’, so it’s a given), these kids are freaking talented. When I was recording I had the specific thought: “JEEZ, if I had met these kids 15 years ago, I would have never picked up a guitar!” lol (Again, BIG congrats to the kids!)

  187. rusty cummings says:

    This only goes to show that tool is overrated and easily imitated. The fact that these kids were so spot on is more of an indicator of simplistic musical composition than anything else. That goes for each instrumental portion of their songs, especially the vocals.

  188. Milburn Lominick says:


  189. Milburn Lominick says:


  190. Mylo says:

    Holy balls! awesomeness!

  191. Woo says:


  192. Tommy Ryan says:

    thank GOODNESS this wasn’t some bubble-gum pop, Mmm-Bop crap…this is epic for a bunch of kids

  193. Clay Coker says:

    These kids are incredible! Loved their Dream Theater cover as well!

  194. Nathan Round says:

    forget x factor Americas got shit….these kids give hope that not all youth are sheep…rock the hell on

  195. Josh Roupe says:

    This is legit. Although it would be hilarious if they decided to cover ‘Stink-fist’ next.

  196. great cover, very talented bunch of kids.

    I do agree with the few others who have mentioned that the vocals are lacking. She’s got a great voice and can sing, but it lacks something.. emotional connection? The vocals just seem like a bit of a flat read through.

    don’t really see why people are getting jumped on for pointing it out.

  197. brian says:

    fuckingfantastic, excuse the expression,but they they are.

  198. Alf Life says:

    If I had a band I’d recruit that singer, bass and drummer player anytime, any day ><

  199. Nathan says:

    I think you guys should sue Tool. They stole your song!! :)

  200. \m/, ooo grtzzzzzzzzzzzz

  201. Milburn Lominick says:

    I have to watch this a few times a week…I still think these kids are wicked bad-assed! This assembly of students seems to gell well…. Would be great to hear something written by them.Cause that is the real key to it..original material….

  202. jonny says:

    Can I join the band? Been looking for good talent for many years. Wow you guys are great!!! And cudos to your teacher!!! Great job! Love it!

  203. Eric says:

    Would listen to a whole cd of this band. Great work and Awesome vocals. We want more.

  204. Phil Gilkes says:

    Superfantastic , a great teacher sees the potential in the student and inspires them… this is absolutely the case here… way to frickin go!!!

  205. DrotlyLoory says:

    A clean fast is better than a dirty breakfast. Hatmabevibe

  206. Mukphly says:

    Holly mother of God these kids know how to F-ING bring it. Just found this a couple hours ago, have listened to it 10X, & will listen to it a hundred more times before the week is out.

    The base player & drummer already warrant enshrinement into the rock & roll hall of fame.

    The young lady on vocals, once her body & voice grow into that smoking hot attitude of hers, she will lethal.

    They all flat out kill it, & for that I say to them “Thank You, & PLEASE, keep up the good work.”

    • Curtis says:

      Mukphy,,,Thank you.
      I picked this song last Spring because it was tough. I am the drummer.

      • Mukphly says:

        Curtis, TY for taking the time to respond. I can’t quit watching this video, I hope you understand just how good you guys (& gals) are.

        The few negative remarks on here, just take them for what they are, people who are jealous & bitter because you guys have already done more before reaching puberty then these schmucks have done or will ever do.

        Curtis, be proud, of this performance, & be proud of the many hours of practice it took for you & your classmates to be prepared to perform at this level. Keep pushing your limits, for that is how talent grows. That you chose this song specifically because of it’s difficulty level says allot about how it is you have gotten to this point. Stay focused on learning as much as you can from your teachers & classmates, keep pushing your limits, & all too soon the word limits will disappear for your vocabulary.

        Oh what I would give to be in your shoes. Thank You to you & your classmates for letting us all catch a glimpse of what greatness looks like in it’s youth. Also, I don’t know if you are open to request, but just in case you are, get yourself a copy of Pink Floyd’s album Wish You Were Here. While I feel Zeppelin is the best band of all time, I feel Wish You Were Here to be the best album of all time. Very subjective opinions, but they are mine.

        Again Curtis, THANK YOU, GOOD LUCK, & ABOVE ALL ELSE, ENJOY THE JOURNEY, for it goes by fast.

  207. Kirstin says:

    I am so impressed with this. Good job. Keep rocking

  208. Loni says:

    It takes a lot to impress me let alone post a comment. These young adults kill it. I watched this for first time 9/25. I had to come back and watch it again today. It is just stuck in my mind. You are all destined for greatness!!

  209. jeanjie says:

    That just set my smoke detector off !

  210. Ross Elliott says:

    Just to hear that kid covering Carey’s drumming technique is fucking mind blowing. I matched up both sons (Tool and them) and do you think that kid missed a damn thing? Hell no. He will develop to his full potential in time and that is scary as hell.

  211. I’m fucking speechless

  212. Moon Child says:

    Love tool!! What a perfect cover!! Maynard, Danny, Adam & Justin better watch out! lol they might loose their jobs xD

  213. This never gets old for me! Love their version of this and the bass player & drummer are absolute monsters of rock! If they aren’t all famous in 10 years it would be an injustice to the world of rock! 20 thumbs up!

  214. Labes says:

    The farking rips!

    She will be a massive star with killer pipes like that!

    Check out this music vid with Milk as the main thing.
    Weird , but so good!

  215. Rusty says:

    Rock on groms. Video cap of mates playing tool medley if you’re a fan!

    Tool Medley

  216. Stephen Lane says:

    Very cool but remember, it takes 9 kids to do what 4 members of TOOL do :-)

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