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For the Collectors and Historians, Here’s a Rare Demo Tape from Dave Grohl’s Childhood Band, ‘Dain Bramage’

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Long before Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and even Scream, Dave Grohl was the drummer in a three-piece (semi-)hardcore band called Dain Bramage. Risen from the ashes of Grohl’s first group Mission Impossible (previously known as Freak Baby), Dain Bramage did its best to hold down the punk scene in Washington DC as it began to waiver in the late ’80s. The group lasted less than two years, but released two relatively popular cassette demos, and an LP under the “Fartblossom Enterprises” label.


Their LP, I Scream Not Coming Down is easy to find circulating the internet and between the hands of vinyl collectors, and we even shared a song in the past, but those original demos are another story. We have uncovered eight songs from the group’s 1986 Laundry Room session and just had to share them with you. Make sure to listen up for the Grand Funk Railroad cover, it’s a winner.

You might have seen a quick blip on the Dain Bramage radar last fall when the Foo Fighters sent out the picture below titled “DAIN BRAMAGE 2013″ via Twitter. Whether that was a friendly reuinion or the start of something new, we’ll never know. Though it is worth mentioning that the Foos have shown a good amount of e-support for Dave’s beloved Laundry Room studios, the place where he has hashed out songs with friend Barrett Jones since the age of 14.


Aside from the twitter shoutout, the other members have remained under the radar. Vocalist Reuben Radding is now an established photographer and bassist Dave Smith is reportedly living a nice, quiet life in Virginia. It has been noted that the two lesser known men tried to continue on and rebuild their ever changing band, but Radding admitted, “After you’ve spent a couple years with Dave Grohl as your drummer it’s easy to feel like no other drummer exists.”


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Simon says:

    You uncovered them? They’ve been on the internet for years and Reuben himself posted them on Facebook nearly a year ago.

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