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Unseen Footage of Kanye & Pharrell Unearthed, NIN at Bonnaroo Rumor, Assorted Crybabies and Other News

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Nine Inch Nails have cancelled a bunch of dates in Eastern Europe & Russia for no apparent reason. The dates happen to coincide with Bonnaroo 2014. Anyone want to speculate?

Lorde covered James Blake’s Retrograde on Triple J, which is a cool little rarity and all, but not quite as entertaining as the new single-purpose Tumblr, Old Black People That Look Younger Than Lorde.

Vice has awarded Drake the silver medal in crybaby-ing this week, for being supremely and very vocally butt hurt about losing the RollingStone cover to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I don’t care if he lost it to the dog that snuck into the Olympics, it’s a fucking cover of a worthless magazine. Shut the fuck up, you little bitch. You’re making Macklemore look like Chuck D.

Odd Future has been barred from filling in for Kendrick Lamar in New Zealand on Eminem’s Rapture tour. Because they’re basically terrorists. Somehow, this feels far more justified than calling Juggalos a gang.

In celebration of the 25th birthday of Kanye West’s College Dropout, Complex TV has released previously unseen footage of a young Kanye playing Never Let Me Down for Pharrell Williams for the first time:

Paul Stanley of Kiss had some nasty words about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, despite the band’s nomination. In an interview with Classic Rock Magazine, Stanley stated:

…It was done begrudgingly and because it had become absolutely ludicrous that they were choosing to ignore us. At the end of the day most people don’t realise that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame was a privately created establishment and that it has a self-appointed board. It’s a perfect case of perception becoming reality. People heard ‘Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’ and gave it credibility. So whether it deserves the title has to be weighed against who it inducts. So was it an honor to be nominated? No. It means a lot to the fans and I understand it because it’s validation for them. So for that reason I accept graciously and accept on their behalf.

Noteworthy Antiquiet stories you may have missed:

A whole bunch of unreleased Pink Floyd stuff hit the internips.
Foo Fighters are in fact recording their album in multiple studios, with Butch Vig and Steve Albini
Stream the awesome new album from Helms Alee
Brody Dalle has released the first single from her new solo album
Twin Peaks soundtrack being released on vinyl… And is there a sequel coming?

New music out this week:

Crosses (†††), †††: My review will be up soon. It’s a killer.
Helms Alee, Sleepwalking Sailors
The Glitch Mob, Love Death Immortality
Cibo Matto, Hotel Valentine: First new one in a long time. We’ll be checking this one out.


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