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Watch Uncut Rehearsal Footage From NIN, QOTSA & Dave Grohl’s Grammy Performance

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Last Sunday, the internet seemed like it was setting itself up for a collective climax with the 2014 Grammy Awards. The show was meant to be closed by Nine Inch NailsQueens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl and Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham, in a purportedly epic performance. What we got instead was a broadcast that ran for longer than it should have, and wound up cutting short the final act, with a Delta Airlines ad running over QOTSA’s My God Is the Sun.

Trent Reznor sent out a “fuck you“; the Grammys pretended to apologize; all versions of the poorly-mixed/edited video were removed from YouTube. So, what positive came out from all of this? Well, as it turns out, some very knowledgeable folks were able to capture a broadcast of the Grammys pre-show dress rehearsal, then were kind enough to put the QOTSA + NIN jam online. According to Reflecting in the Chrome, the video contains fake crowd noise, but is overall superior in every way, and doesn’t cut to any ads.

Watch Copy of A and My God Is the Sun, as they should have been broadcast, below:

Were they pretending Taylor Swift’s Red won album of the year? Anyway, it’s a matter of time before the video is taken down, so enjoy it while it’s up.


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. cocks says:

    Just shows what a pile of crap the whole thing is, everybody knows the winners well before the show night. Shame to see rock greats having to use this piece of shit as publicity. Woody Allen was right when asked why he skips these things.

  2. zoop says:

    Amazing. By far one of the best performances of the night, and worth waiting for. I didn’t get to see the original performance because my DVR cut off right before, and by the time I got to the net, it was already gone. Thanks for the link!
    You would think that when they have such a performance lined up that is obviously much awaited and sure to end their generally shitty show with a much needed bang, they wouldn’t cut it all to hell …. I mean, there is a reason why that performance was last, because it was supposed to be this great thing (which it was,in rehearsal at least….)and everyone wanted to see it.Right? Anyway,they hyped it up during the whole show and then they go and do that…It’s like they are stabbing themselves in the back. I’m surprised they haven’t already suppressed this video too, because it shows just what assholes they really are for marginalizing great art and artists

  3. zoop says:

    I loved how you could hear everything Lindsay Buckingham was doing, too. I was afraid his playing was gonna get lost in the mix

  4. M says:

    Too late for me, it’s gone. Balls. :(

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