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New iPhone Commercial Has Kids Singing a Pixies Song About a Giant Black Phallus

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In times like these, it almost feels like consumerism is out to destroy art. Pixies, arguably among the most iconic independent rock bands of America, once wrote a song called Gigantic, pretty early into their career. Bassit Kim Deal, who wrote and sang it, said the track was inspired by the film Crimes of the Heart, in which a woman falls in love with a young black man. The lyrics feature the line, “What a big black mess / What a hunk of love“, and the words “Gigantic, a big, big love” are repeated throughout the chorus. You know what it’s about.

And here is the same song, sung by a teenage (probably underage) girl in an Apple commercial for the iPhone, supposedly showing how powerful you become when you acquire the device. Never mind the fact that Gigantic was originally about a chick who fell in love with a huge black cock:

Apple’s page for the commercial also states: “You have the power to create, shape, and share your life. It’s right there in your hand.” Shit, how did they know?

Now, if only they’d waited to use this song in advertisements for the new, reportedly larger iPhone 6 – which will come in black, of course. We’d get behind that. Click here to check out our review of Pixies’ new album, Indie Cindy.


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  1. zobi says:

    they had to know the story, the real question is what are they really trying to achieve by using this song.

    and yes, consumerism kills art (and many more things), it’s about time people realize that, nothing new here!

    • A H says:

      What ‘consumerism’ is destroying what ‘art’ here?

    • mjoe says:

      Consumerism? You mean buying things? Like the computer you’re using or the chair you’re sitting in? Sounds self righteous and pious to me.

      • Pasu says:

        I think he means overpriced junk that you don’t really need but you buy because only it’s fashionable.

    • smtkrk says:

      What’s all the fuss? An underage girl singing
      about a big black cock! Get over it. Just because the kid likes the black pipe there’s no reason to diss Apple.

      • Dwanye says:

        Per wikipedia, per Black Francis of Pixies said in an interview with music magazine, Select:

        “A good chord progression, very Lou Reed influenced. I’d had the word ‘gigantic’ in my mind just because the chord progression seemed very big to me.”

        The song was based on a movie about an interracial relationship. The movie was not about a large penis.

        Regardless, my reason for posting . . . As a black man I am disturbed by repeating the falsehood that black men have gigantic “scary” penises. Legitimate studies have found the difference between erect Caucasian and black penises to be quite small (flaccid? OK, maybe there’s a difference).

        The racist leap that an interracial relationship must somehow be about a huge black penis and not love is telling. I think maybe it’s the scary black man that offends so many.

      • breno says:

        The girl is adorable, her sound is refreshing and innocent, and I enjoy the ad. The problem I have is with Apple Executives. What ever possessed Apple Executives to delve into a totally unnecessary, controversial, stupid commercial that comes from a movie, music, or personal events involving a big black penis. It was stupid and dumb and if I was on the Board of Directors at Apple I would want a full review of the individuals that put the Apple Corporation into this mess.

  2. Lizzle says:

    I think it is disingenuous to claim the song is about a “Big black phallus”.

    The song is about an interracial relationship, admittedly based on sexual attraction.

    Reducing the object of desire in this song, a black man, to his “big black phallus” is offensive in the extreme.

  3. words_and_music says:

    Just FYI: The girl singing is indeed a teenager, but she’s no longer underage!

    • Mark says:

      Well how ever old or young this singer is, or was she is good! The song maybe the pixies but she brings it on! If you know her get her to make a video. We all would enjoy it Thanks!

    • Erick says:

      Who is the girl singing? I’d buy her album..

      • cliveklg says:

        Pretty sure Bea Miller.

      • Michael Villanueva says:

        The Beautiful Young Lady’s Name is none other than, Phoebe Bridgers

        • MojoApp says:

          Thank You Michael. I am a professional rock singer and I noticed the pureness and clarity of her natural vocal projection right away.Innocent and powerful. I spent a half hour trying to find out her name.Its just one part of a chorus applied perfectly. I don’t care who wants talk about what it “might” be about and spoil the point. I would manage this girl if someone already isn’t. Someone let me know. Thanks for her name. There are so few really natural singers these days.

    • D says:

      The girl singing looks almost *exactly* like Kim Deal, only blonde (Kim Deal’s a brunette.)

  4. B says:

    Reminds me of Windows using Fitzpleasure by alt-j — hilarious because their band name is an Apple prompt, and Fitzpleasure is based on the book Last Exit to Brooklyn (very racey material).

  5. Raphael says:

    Until I read recently that it said, “a big, big love,” I held the assumption that the song was saying, “A big, big load”. Needless to say, we all know what ‘load’ denotes.

  6. Pope says:

    The actual story for the word “Gigantic” used in the chorus was because the leader singer claimed the chord progression of the song was “gigantic.” they decided to base the chorus around that

  7. JT says:

    Seems like a bit of a leap/assumption to say this is about a phallus. The chorus is:

    Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic
    A big big love

    There does appear to be some sexual inuendo in the rest of the song, but I don’t think I would go that far.

  8. jayray says:

    That song makes me wanna jump off a bridge

  9. NF says:

    Relax, most people listening to this song and using this iPhone don’t even know what/who/where/when about the pixies and1988. Fortunately, I do. And to give u further hints about my decades of life, love Apple products, hate mobile phones of any kind.
    it’s simply a song used for this commercial, don’t over analyze it.

  10. ann says:


  11. Chrissy says:

    Well , I found myself humming the Chorus all day yesterday. I got another example for you, remember the commercial for I believe it was Oesteo Biflex, It had seniors doing things like dancing, sporting etc. and in the background was playing a very old song from the 40’s Viper movement, It’s called this joint is jumping and if you know your music history you know that the song is about pot. I don’t know, maybe the ad people are clueless, maybe they are not!

  12. Robb Donker says:

    Please get your basic fact right. Gigantic was written by Black Francis and Kim Deal and while it does have that sexy back story, it is like most Pixies song tinged with a fair amount of abstract lyrics. Black Francis understands (maybe more than most) that songs have a myriad of meanings because all of us who listen to them interpret them in a different way. That is part of the art form itself and probably the best part. I like this commercial and besides, if Black Francis and Kim Deal objected to it they wouldn’t of granted licensing rights. It is not like it is a cheesy car local car commercial – it does speak to a new way of being creative and most musicians embrace this idea. Besides if it inspires just one band geek in high school to discover the Pixies it is worth it.

  13. na says:

    Geeze if you want to analyze songs on commercials how about the Oscar Meyer lunch meat one with the couple trying to sing ” ring my bell” lol. The purpose of the song is for it to stick in your head so you’ll buy their crap. Mission accomplished

  14. Mia says:

    In the commercial does anyone know what app that woman is using when she is waving her hand and making music?

    • Ashten says:

      I would also like to know what app this is. However I assume that it us going to be An app for the new iphone.

  15. Mark says:

    The little gurl kickin out the jams on the drums in that commercial was on a reality show about family bands, she plays with her sisters. She is the real deal. Don’t think the gurl singing is in the family band.

  16. Ryan says:

    Anyone stop and think that maybe Apple knows exactly what they’re doing. The moment you stop talking about something, the moment the debate is over, people lose interest. Apple/Mac as a company has been innovating since their first prototype was built in a garage. I think the commercial is like a song in that you get out of it what YOU interpret. Both are about ingenuity, creativity, and innovation. All of which were achieved by embracing something new and unexpected. That is the relationship touchy/feely side. Now enter the marketing teams ego. Of course they are telling these massively appealing messages market. They are also saying we pioneered the I.T. era. We’re still here. We’re still the big black dick. You are either going to embrace or fear us, but you will respect us. After all how many Asian folks are basically indentured servants so that we Americans can get their shwag a little cheaper. They’ve had the market more or less cornered for, if I’m not mistaken, five i phone/i pod touch gens. and seven gens of ipod classic. So much so that every major (non cheapo) companies player dropped off the face of the earth. So to conclude; They’re basically saying “Yes, we know we’re the shit. If you’ve been with us great. If you wanna join, great. If you’re against us we will crush you.” To make it easier for the nerds like me: They are the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Am I wrong? Even if you have never used a Mac, an Apple, an ipod, or iphone you have still used something made by apple, might be a microchip, might be software, might even be just an algorythym for a line of code. You’ve used something I guarantee it, unless your Amish and don’t use technology. It is very short sighted to think that Apple and their teams of lawyers hadn’t looked this up and down. The mixed message is an intentional one. This is a very common thing in Marketing. The more layers of the brain that you can get to respond to something the more likely you have a chance for someone to buy and go all in. Sex and phallic references are going for a more base instinct reaction, where as the other visual and audio cues are tapping into creativity, technical analysis, curiosity, and emotion. Anyway, sorry for it being a lot more than my 2 cents worth, I was trying to address multiple responses. Everyone enjoy technology’s embrace or your abandonment of it. That decision is yours. For the record, I’m an android guy who likes some apple things, hates others, yet I still have to acknowledge how their presence in the market has made many other companies better by being the guy’s that everyone wants to take down. Probably sucked for some companies along the way, but just look at the competition between the galaxy and the iphone. There would be know galaxy if not for the iphone. Here’s to the pricks out there: We love ya or hate ya, but begrudgingly realize that we kinda need you.

  17. Long and strong says:

    Is it a coincidence that Apple is now rumored to be buying Beats. Once you go black…

  18. Aaron Medina says:

    I like the new version of gigantic better then the pixies

    • Angie says:

      Does anyone else hear first “Mary Had A Little Lamb” at the start and then “More Than A Feeling” just before the girl starts to sing?

  19. Fred Smith says:

    it takes more than a tuner ap to make good music

  20. gregrocker says:

    Apart from all that it is a fantastic commercial that inspires any sentient person with the possibilities of technology. This against the backdrop of one of the greatest songs of the indie rock era by its greatest band.

    Many of those songs are 30 years old now so they have a right to reap financial security the didn’t get then, especially when they are still so damn powerful they have a right of refusal over the greatest directors in the world. That is one of the most powerful positions one can have in the industry. Pixies still rule!

  21. I would like to know the names of some of the apps the kids are usin in the commercial. Does anyone know??

  22. Smith McBalb says:

    I feel sorry for anyone who really likes that song, someone who is really into the Pixies and has loved this song for years – It`s out there now, fed to the masses, out there for everyone to enjoy, from all walks of life, young or old, people have now had this old song spoon fed to them, they can download it, set it as a message alert tone, it can (and will) be performed on the X-factor and other talent shows, it has been liberated from the bedrooms, apartments and 1988 Mercury Sables of it`s traditional fanbase (Sorry but I can just imagine a Pixies fan having a pokey little flat and a beat up old car, not meant as a dig in fact just the opposite if anything) and it`s having it`s moment in the sun, where it will be gradually turned into something that somone who has loved this song for years will no longer be able to listen to. There are several reasons for this, one is that it will now have a permanent association with a large company, which most people will have a problem with when it comes to using a favourite song as an escape, another is that if a person is constantly subjected to 30 second bursts of their favourite song at unexpected and perhaps unwelcome intervals their love for the song will graudually turn to hate, and the love can`t be switched back on just because they are listening to the album and the song in question is due up next, Gigantic or whatever it is called will be skipped. The last reason sounds unacceptable, dog-in-the-mangerish and elitist to many but it is true and cannot be helped – put simply, when a favourite song suddenly gains new popularity, fans of the song have to watch a lot of what they perceive to be very unworthy, generally sub par people start to associate themselves with their precious songs, if you love a song but realise it is being appreciated by people that you consider inferior, it will put you off, because you don`t want to be associated with the scummy new fans, you don`t want to appear so stupid that you have to have your favourite songs picked out for you by Apple, and you don`t think it`s fair that the ignorant masses who were quite happy to listen to Robin Thicke yesterday should have access to more complicated music that their “robust” tastes and simple manners just are`nt good enough for. Not a popular opinion.

  23. IVOR ALLISON says:

    The article assumes that copyright wasn’t bought and paid for and permission given,which obviously it was.

  24. Kaley says:

    Usually I do not learn post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do it!
    Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, very nice article.

  25. la says:

    so…white dudes made a song about black dick


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