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Hear Courtney Love’s New Single ‘You Know My Name’

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Brushing off the self-inflicted rumor dust of a Hole reunion, Courtney Love‘s first single from her unreleased new album Wedding Day has found its way to our ears, and it is amazingly titled You Know My Name.


It sounds like Los Angeles, it sounds like Joan Jett, it sounds like Morningwood, it even kinda sounds like Brody Dalle’s new material. After some touring last year, it seems as if Love has returned to her raw vocal sound, screaming out the lyrics, “Won the battle, lost the war, but that’s not what we came here for.”

Honestly, it’s really an alright song. Don’t believe us? Go ahead, give it a play.

The song will be available for purchase on May 4th through iTunes along with Wedding Day, the title track to her upcoming album.


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