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Hype Check: New Queens Of The Stone Age Album Title, Release Set?

Queens Of The Stone Age, Studio Reports


Update (July 17): The new QOTSA album will not be named Ultraviolet Robot. It will see an early 2013 release, according to our source, followed by various kinds of onstage tomfoolery. 

In an interview with the German publication Drumheads, Queens Of The Stone Age drummer Joey Castillo seems to have dropped a tentative title of the new QOTSA album, as well as news of the general release timeline.

When asked what direction new record goes, Castillo says that he’s not supposed to answer, but the “ultraviolet robot” will blow our minds. Does this mean that Ultraviolet Robot is the name of the album? If rumors from messageboard troll kings are to be believed, then this latest interview seems to indicate that truth can come from the dirtiest places.

We may  see a Summer release for the follow-up to Era Vulgaris, though it’s not likely, given delays in the recording process due to the unexpected entrance into litigation land with the original Kyuss members. And according to Castillo, he’s reached a point with Queens where neither he or right-hand man Alain Johannes feel the need to prove anything to anyone anymore, so the “new album will sound like the early Queens sound again.”

Old, new, whatever the sound is, we’re on board with lava in our veins. If you’re looking for a reason why, here’s where the band left off:

Endless love to Vanessa Spielau for the translation!


Meanwhile, On The Internet...

  1. Rory says:

    This band is the reason I get up in the morning. I can’t wait for this record to be released.

  2. slup says:

    He (Castillo) says that he and Alain don’t feel the need to prove anything to themselves, not that Josh and Alain don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone.

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  9. Mattylce says:

    They need to put out a live album or something in the meantime, I’m going fucking crazy waiting for this album

  10. I saw this topic on the rek rek forum- how did you find this out? As long as something comes out, 2013 isnt too far off I guess.

  11. I been waiting patiently for this album to drop. 2013 seems like forever hopefully it will be here soon!!!! Worth the weight I’m sure…

  12. Has this been confirmed? This is the only site citing a release time frame. I saw this on the Rekords Rekords forum too.

  13. Cora says:

    The wait for the album Is killing me! 2013 seems so far away!

  14. 2013? 2013 now?! that’ll have made it a six year wait!!

    i love qotsa but that hurts.

  15. Mon says:

    – Let’s gooooooo 2013. Can’t wait… hope we get some more tours, as close to the Maritimes (NB) in Canada, as possible!! Weeeee!

  16. MrMatt says:

    2013? Seriously, as far as the fans go, that is bullcrap. We’ve been waiting too damn long, especially since we were told to anticipate a mid-2012 release and now we’re supposed to wait another 6 months. I’m beyond the point of excited anticipation to the point where I’m starting to not give a rat’s ass. WTF Queens?

  17. Jane says:

    I can confirm that I also had the chance to speak with Joey back in June 2012 and he said there was a LOT of recording going on lately and he’s definitely touring with Queens in 2013. We all know that final word on everything is Josh’s, but it seems to me we have a lot of to look forward to next year ;)

  18. Cody says:

    I will wait forever for a QOTSA album. they are my all time favorite band.

  19. Mattylce says:
    Fuck yes. I’ll wait as long as it takes

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