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Green Day’s ¡DOS! Trailer Arrives

Green Day, Studio Reports


A trailer for part two of Green Day’s three-album extravaganza, entitled ¡DOS!, was released today along with the cover of the album, which is similar to the cover for ¡UNO!, but features bassist Mike Dirnt instead of Billie Joe Armstrong. The trailer opens up on Armstrong declaring that “this song is about sex,” then jumps into a preview of the track It’s Fuck Time, which does not stray far from the path of the less punk, more Foxboro Hot Tubs-like sound that was present in the trailer for ¡UNO!.

It’s Fuck Time was initially for Green Day’s same-members side project, the Foxboro Hot Tubs, but, according to Billie Joe, “the more we played it, we thought, ‘This is pretty good. Why should we give it to our alter-ego?'”

The release dates for all three of Green Day’s upcoming trilogy are as follows:

¡UNO! – September 25, 2012
¡DOS! – November 13, 2012
¡TRÉ! – January 15, 2013


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